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Choosing the Right Size Wheels for your Camaro is not a Game

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A set of wheels can make or break the look a Camaro. And we’re not just talking style; fitment matters just as much. Ever shed a tear when you see a ride with wonky offsets? We do. Or even worse, at least from a practical standpoint, are wheels sized so poorly that turning radius is non-existent and the back tires stick out past the quarter-panels. That may have been cool back in the ’70s—not so much today. Add in the fact that a nice set of rollers is a pretty serious investment, and it’s easy to see why getting the right set of wheels the first time is important.

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Fortunately, Camaros are pretty damn popular so most wheel manufactures know what fits and what doesn’t. Companies like Boze and Forgeline can custom-make wheels in nearly any size you desire, while non-custom wheel shops like Scarallo and Huntington Alloys have off-the-shelf fitments specifically tailored for rides like the fifth-gen Camaro. Still, as the person dropping the large coin, you need to know what you’re doing before you start hunting for the right wheels that will set your Camaro apart from the crowd.

Also, don’t assume that a given wheel is going to fit your car since fitment is somewhat objective. Do research, ask questions, and see what others are getting away with. As David Schardt of Forgeline told us, “Keep in mind that, especially on the older cars, they’re all different. In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, there can be a large difference in fender clearance from car to car. So it’s always a good idea to take some measurements before ordering the widest wheels that are available for your Camaro.”

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This usually ends up being an issue when trying to shoehorn the biggest possible set of tires under your car. Invest a little sweat equity by measuring your particular ride and doing some research. You’ll be much more likely to nail the correct fitment the first time.

Not Taking Chances

Wheels are an expensive investment, so if you want to make sure they are going to fit perfectly, it might be time to break out some specialty tools. These handy gadgets let you simulate various wheel configurations on your car so that you’ll know your order will fit the first time.

Fitment Recommendations from Boze Alloy


Front Wheels: 17x7, 4-inch BS, 225/45-17 tire

Rear Wheels: 17x8, 4.5-inch BS, 245/45-17 tire

Front wheels: 18x8, 4.75-inch BS, 245/40-18 tire

Rear Wheels: 18x9, 5-inch BS, 275/40-18 tire


Front Wheels: 18x8, 6-inch BS, 245/40-18 tire

Rear Wheels: 18x9, 6.5-inch BS, 275/40-18 tire


Front wheels: 20x8.5, 5.75-inch BS, 255/45-20 tire

Rear Wheels: 20x10, 6.875-inch BS, 285/40-20 tire

Front Wheels: 22x8.5, 5.75-inch BS, 255/30-22 tire

Rear wheels: 22x10, 6.875-inch BS, 285/30-22 tire

Fitment Recommendations from Forgeline Motorsports


Front Wheels: 18x8, 4.90-inch BS

Rear Wheels: 18x9.5, 5.70-inch BS


Front Wheels: 18x9.5, 5.10-inch BS

Rear Wheels: 18x11, 6.10-inch BS


Front Wheels: 18x9.5, 6.75-inch BS

Rear Wheels: 18x11, 7.50-inch BS


Front Wheels: 20x10, +26 offset

Rear Wheels: 20x11, +44 offset

* Same offset for 21- and 22-inch wheels. For track go with 10- or 10.5-inch wide wheels on all four corners.


Summit Racing
Akron, OH
WheelWorks, Inc.
Satsuma, AL
Boze Alloys
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Forgeline Motorsports
Dayton, OH 45439
Scaralllo Motorsport Wheels
N. Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Huntington Engineered Alloys




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