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Fifth-Gen Camaro SS Endlinks - Stress Test

Stronger Endlinks for Camaros that Like to Turn Hard

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When GM launched the new fifth-gen Camaro SS we got a hell of a car. But the engineers didn’t give us a track car, a lowered car, or a car optimized for performance. What we were presented with, in stock form, was a modern muscle car designed for the masses. And let’s face it; the masses don’t generally push their cars hard. Thanks to the aftermarket, we can take the new Camaro to places the engineers at GM weren’t allowed to go.

Camp 1206 02 New Fifth Gen Camaro Ss Pro Rigid Link 2/8

A car is a system of parts all moving and grooving together in a mechanical tango. Change one part and the effect can ripple throughout the car. Add a blower … smoke the stock clutch. Mount up sticky tires and you’ll most likely launch an axle into orbit. It’s hot rodding, and often changing one part necessitates another. One example is sway bars. The stock Camaro rolls like a ship at sea, and the quickest fix is some stiffer bars, but oftentimes the stock endlinks suffer under the added strain.

Shane Wagner of Proven Wicked saw this problem and engineered a solution with his Pro-Rigid endlinks. Now, an endlink may seem like an easily engineered item, but there’s more to it than you might think. As Shane explained, “The GM specification for the endlinks is to have a minimum of 52 degrees of total stud misalignment in the front and 50 degrees in the rear. Most rod ends with a bolt through them don’t even come close to meeting this specification. For example, a standard M12 rod end is around 26-28 degrees.” When they run out of travel, they bind. This is even more problematic in the front of the car since the links are attached to the struts, which move when the car is turned, and a bound-up link can cause steering resistance until the link unbinds or breaks. Since these links are adjustable, they can be orientated perfectly when the car is lowered, which changes the suspension geometry. As a bonus, they look pretty sweet.

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