1967 Chevy Camaro Suspension, Brake, and Steering Upgrades - Bolt On and Go Part 2

We complete the suspension, brake, and steering upgrades on this '67; then hit the test track

Camp 1205 00 Z 1967 Chevy Camaro Suspension Brake And Steering Upgrades 2/26

In the last issue we regaled you with our efforts to update the worn stock suspension, brakes, and steering on Chris Sanford's '67 Camaro. We soon found that there was too much info for just one article, so we decided to play King Solomon and split the tale down the middle.

Camp 1205 01 Z 1967 Chevy Camaro Suspension Brake And Steering Upgrades 3/26

As we mentioned last issue, classic Camaros are super cool in terms of design, but the tech of the late '60s falls short when compared to today's modern incarnations. Our plan was to ditch the stock parts in favor of some which incorporated engineering knowledge gleamed over the last four decades. With that in mind, we snatched up a Stage-IV Pro-Touring kit (PN 67PTK-4) from Classic Performance Products (CPP) along with better steering components and much bigger brakes. The front half of the car went together smoothly and now it's time to tackle the back half. The goal of this exercise is to see if we can use bolt-on parts to get our '67 in line with modern standards, so we will test the finished product against the performance of a fifth-gen SS and let the chips fall where they may.




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