Project Orange Krate’s Engine, Transmission, and Clutch Install - Harnessing The Power

Chuck Vranas Feb 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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When working on a complete build, there’s nothing more gratifying than bolting major components together for the first time and installing them onto the chassis. It’s definitely a major turning point after working on many other facets, including initial teardown, panel replacement, body modifications, and suspension installations to name but a few. After all the hard work, it’s the first time your project starts to look like a car again, which is enough to pump up anyone’s adrenaline. With a pile of parts and a freshly dynoed 416 stroker from Turn Key Powertrain waiting for action, Peter Newell of Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, was looking forward to getting started on giving Orange Krate, our ’71 project Camaro, a pulse. First, the Detroit Speed hydroformed subframe was anchored on a set of padded jack stands as Newell addressed the installation of the three-part Detroit Speed engine mounting kit, which comes complete with all mounting hardware. To begin, the frame-side engine mount stands were bolted in place to the subframe. Next, the LS mill was hoisted from the crate to make room so the CNC aluminum adapter plates could be bolted to the side of the engine block. The plates were then capped with polyurethane engine mounts. With the mounts secured in place, the engine was lowered into the subframe and secured in place with 4-inch-long Grade 8 bolts.

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To transfer power from the stroked LS3, a close-ratio overdrive Tremec TKO-600 five-speed transmission from Hurst Driveline Conversions (HDLC) was called to duty featuring bulletproof reliability and 700 lb-ft torque capacity. One of the most important components for linking the power to the pavement is the clutch system. Since Orange Krate will see a multitude of driving situations, from road courses, autocrosses, dragstrips, and everyday driving, a call was placed to Centerforce for their new cutting-edge DYAD DS twin-disc clutch assembly. The DYAD system offers a multi-floating disc and drive disc design able to handle extreme power levels while also offering a light pedal effort and superior high-end holding capacity.

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HDLC provided a complete hydraulic clutch kit, which was a snap to install to the Tremec TKO-600 five-speed transmission with the provided instructions and hardware. Once installed, the transmission was bolted to a Quick Time bellhousing, and then to the engine. The crowning touch was a pair of Lemons headers, which made the presentation of components in the subframe look ready for action. With the drivetrain secured to the body once again, project Orange Krate is now ready for a number of upcoming installations, including Vintage Air A/C, driver related components, and fuel system.

Stay tuned as we hit the nitrous in future issues!


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