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Eddie Motorsports’ new S.Drive pulley system

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We still remember the old days when finding a pulley system for your Camaro involved digging around in boneyards for just the right combination. We would then clean up the scavenged parts, and more than likely perform some cutting and welding to get everything the way we wanted. It was a necessary process, but today the aftermarket offers us more attractive (literally) options. Another issue with using repurposed OEM pulleys was that they sometimes didn’t locate the accessories in the right spots. After all, they were designed for a specific car and didn’t need to be compact; they needed to fit. Today, the aftermarket makes it easier to transplant engines into our cars by offering systems that are compact enough to fit anywhere and look killer. They also allow for us ditch the V-belts and run six-rib serpentine belts that are capable of handling power levels that would shred or glaze a V-belt.

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Eddie Motorsports recently jumped into the pulley arena with their S.Drive billet aluminum serpentine systems. CNC-machined right here in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum, they certainly looked great in pictures, but we wanted to get a hold of one to see how “tab A” fit into “slot B.” So with parts in hand, we headed over to Driverz Inc. to bolt a kit to a big-block they had sitting around the shop.

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