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Project Orange Krate's Firewall Gets a Facelift - Wall Of Voodoo

Chuck Vranas Dec 1, 2011
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Reworking and cleaning up your firewall to cleanse it of all the ugly barbs is kind of like taking a visit to the plastic surgeon. By the time they’re done drawing lines all over you, you look like a roadmap with all the potential revisions mapped out for change. It’s pretty similar once you step back and gaze at the updates needed to clean up your firewall by the time you’re done with the old “nip-tuck.”

Camp 1112 01 Z Project Orange Krate Firewall Facelift 2/31

With project Orange Krate moving full-steam ahead at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, it was time to address the ugly truth regarding the firewall. Since it was already picked clean from when it was media blasted, shop owner Peter Newell broke out the black marker to outline what needed to be addressed. His goal was to remove any unnecessary openings and mounts on the firewall in order to clean up the area and smooth it out for a nice crisp show appearance. Just because the car was designed for brutal aggressiveness on the race track doesn’t mean it can’t look good, too. Wanting to retain as much of the original car as possible, Newell opted away from simply cutting a large section of the firewall out and replacing it with plate steel.

We still are working out the details about what hookups will come through the firewall, so we held off from any final bodywork until everything is all dialed in. To seal the freshly minted steel, a healthy coating of SEM self-etching primer from a rattle can completed the deal. Stepping back and checking out the firewall, it was obvious that Orange Krate would be more than just another pretty face.

Let’s follow along to see just what it takes to revamp the area.


Competition Specialties
Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes
Medford, MA

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