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Tony Huntimer May 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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When walking around car shows I used to be oblivious to the two different colors of the ’69 Camaro grille. It was just one of the details I never paid much attention to. When I was out at the Camaro Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, it was brought to my attention that one of the ’10 Camaros I was taking pictures of had a silver grille. One of the guys said that it was much like the darker colored ’69 Camaros. I thought the silver grille in the ’10 was different and looked great, but didn’t think much about the comment of the car color determining the color of the grille.

Camp 1105 01 Tuxedo Black 1969 Camaros 2/5

When I got home I performed my own research, because my brain just won’t shut out details like that. It turns out that the guy was only partially correct.

In 1969, the grille came in 2 colors: black or silver. For the ’69 Camaro, Tuxedo Black is the only body color that determines the color of the grille as silver. Any other body color could have come with a silver grille. The RS, SS, and Z/28 options determined the color of the grille installed on the Camaro from the factory.

Special Thanks to Brian Henderson at Super Car Workshop and Tony Lucas.

Grille Color
Option RS non-RS
SS black* black*
Z-28 black* silver
All other options & all colors* black* silver
Tuxedo Black silver silver
* except Tuxedo Black paint




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