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AutoRad Has A Way To Beat The Heat And Look Good Doing It.

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•Nothing sucks worse than a car that overheats. We've all been there; you're driving a car with a questionable cooling system when brake lights up ahead make your blood pressure go up. As you idle in traffic, the needle on your water temp gauge starts its steady climb, and you start praying things get moving before your engine and your nerves fry. It takes the fun out of cruising our Camaros. If you're of the ilk that likes to hit the track, then the challenge of bleeding out all that heat produced by your engine becomes even more daunting.

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Fortunately, the aftermarket felt our pain and quite a few companies came out with radiators that enable us to ditch those thermal units and keep our cars running cool. The downside is that they are all constrained by the dimensions of the factory core support. But AutoRad had a different idea. They decided to build a replacement core support and radiator system that would optimize the space available and offer maximum cooling.

Originally, we were going to try this system on our Project Track Rat, but things changed and, after several hard-core track sessions in our Bad Penny '68, we were tired of suffering through elevated oil temperatures. Penny was running an AFCO radiator with integrated oil cooler. And while our water temps stayed right in the sweet spot, the internal oil cooler just couldn't keep up with the heat we were producing on extended road race floggings. With this huge AutoRad system we would be able to run an external oil cooling system and keep our engine running cool no matter the traffic conditions or how many laps we ran. The AFCO radiator and oil system would be moved to the Track Rat project where it will have no problem keeping the satin blue '68 running cool.


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