1966 Chevy Chevelle Brakes - A-Body Overhaul

We Finish Up The Remodel Of Our '66 Chevelle With A Four-Wheel Disc Brake Install Complements Of ABS Power Brake.

Mike Ficacci Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

At this point, our front and rear disc brake swap was complete. Last but not least, we set the wheels on the studs, crossed our fingers, and torqued them down. We had plenty of clearance on both as our 15-inchers can be swapped for 14s if wanted.

Our installation continued in the engine bay as we plucked the factory manual brake booter. Check out the size of the new unit next to the factory one. ABS Power Brakes's 8-inch, 1,400 psi Super Stopper brake system provides stopping power like this car has never seen thanks of a double-diaphragm design with proportioning valves attached. Can it get any easier? The Super Stopper brake system is "powered" by the vacuum of the engine and stores pressure to assist in braking and thus providing power brakes. Note: Be certain that your engine creates enough vacuum to supply such a unit. ABS recommends this unit only if the engine makes over 16 psi of vacuum at idle. We were making 16-17psi.

We were worried that this larger unit would give us clearance issues so we test fit it into place. The only area of concern was the inner fenderwell, as the proportioning valve was sitting awfully close. Luckily, with some creative brake line construction, we were able to ease our worries.

The booster kit installs using four bolts to the firewall and ABS provided all new hardware to do so. It took some time running all the brake lines and making the correct bends, but it's well worth the time, as we knew the kit would be leak-free afterwards.

The real test was out on the road. "It was like a sensory overload. I drive the car if its not raining or snowing so needless to say, I am in the car a lot. When we went for a test drive afterwards, I didn't know what to do other than enjoy the car. Between the DSE suspension components and ABS power brakes, the car now turned, stopped, and rode like a champ. I no longer had to prepare for a stop light some 500 feet ahead of time and pray that the brakes will work," said car owner Joe Juliano.

Check out the finished product through the wheel. What a drastic improvement over the factory drums. We performed some before and after brake testing at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park and as we expected, the results were dramatic. There was a 37-foot differece in braking from 60 mph, from 169 feet to 132. You couldn't really ask for much more.


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