1966 Chevy Chevelle Brakes - A-Body Overhaul

We Finish Up The Remodel Of Our '66 Chevelle With A Four-Wheel Disc Brake Install Complements Of ABS Power Brake.

Mike Ficacci Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Our "ready-for-the-grave" patient at the start of these installations was a factory-stock '66 Chevelle begging for much-needed upgrades. You could tell that no one had rolled under this car, as the stock bushings were still in place, as were the factory springs, and four-wheel drum brakes. An unsightly and hazardous combination, ABS Power Brake had in the answer to our failing drums in the form of their complete front and rear disc brake package for A-body cars.

Joe Juliano, the owner, loves the look of his 15-inch Cragar wheels and made only one stipulation through all this, and that was to keep them on the car. Luckily, ABS has a kit matched specifically to our needs. Its kit supplies everything you need to complete the project from 11 and 10 3/4-inch rotors, calipers, mounting brackets, dust shields, power brake booster, and accessories designed specifically for a small wheel combination. Because of bracket fitment issues, the fronts are actually the smaller of the rotors by 1/4-inch.

Our before and after testing proved that this Chevelle was now a much safer, more fun automobile to drive, and that was our one and only concern. Joe is not going to be digging this Chevelle deep into corners or going fender-to-fender on the road course (although it was enjoyable to beat up). Our mission was to stop this Chevelle safely on the street and put the days of braking for 400 feet behind us. Best of all, when Joe finally does eat up a set of rotors and pads, a simple run to the local parts store will supply all he needs to do the swap in his driveway.

The disc setup was also going to help us cosmetically. Looking through a five-spoke and getting a face full of rusty drums isn't anyone's idea of a gorgeous setup. It just so happened that our gold calipers matched the paint so much so that the final look of the car was absolutely phenomenal.




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