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1LE Camaro Brakes Installation - Project Road Rage, V.4

In Order To Stop Your Favorite Road-Racing Project On Track,We Get Some 1Le Front Toppers From Year One And Brake Lines From Earl's

Thomas J. Lyman Oct 19, 2007
Sucp_0710_01_z 1990_chevy_camaro Spindle_and_brake_install 2/18

For those of you just joining us, Project Road Rage has progressed from a tired rust bucket, wannabe drag car shell, to a purpose-built road racer, ready to take on the ponies of that "other" brand in NASA's Camaro-Mustang Challenge ( The first installment of Project Road Rage introduced readers to the body-in-white (not really-it was just a beat up white body, sans engine and tranny) 1990 Camaro, which has been gutted, hosed down with some Eagle One carwash, and cleaned up in preparation for some serious parts.

Following that, the students at Norco High School threw in a Moser Engineering 12-bolt rearend, complete with 3.42 gears, and a TruTrac limited-slip differential. In the last installment, we documented the build-up of a T5 tranny from the awesome team at GForce Racing transmissions, and shipped that gem out to Norco, where the car is being built. Now, while many things need to come together to pull this project off, we decided that it would be important to get the car rolling, as the front brak-ing assemblies resembled something out of a cheap horror film, with beat-up bushings and rusty hubs glaring us right in the eye.

After heavy hours of translating rulesspeak into "see-spot-run" language the staff can understand, the Project Road Rage team found that the Camaro-Mustang Challenge rules allow the use of just about any front brake caliper setup that is specific to a certain generation of Camaro (in our case, 1990). It just so happened that Chevrolet, back in the late-'80s, developed a brake setup that would help propel Camaros to numerous SCCA Showroom Stock victories at road racing circuits across the country (Showroom Stock, a limited-prep SCCA class, allows very few modifications to a stock automobile). This upgrade, the 1LE option for Camaros, included bigger 12-inch rotors, along with a beefier spindle setup and aluminum two-piston calipers (the option package also included a slew of lightweight, go-fast items, but we're still working on getting the car rolling, remember?).

Sucp_0710_02_z 1990_chevy_camaro Spindle_and_brake_install 3/18

Here are a few of the parts that will show up in this install: the 1LE spindle...

The "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" mentality for many dealers made the 1LE option package an attractive selling point, and formed the basis for the 4th-gen 1LE kit, which would eventually include Koni shocks and a T56 six-speed transmission.

After scouring the Internet for a source of 3rd-gen 1LE parts, we found aftermarket giant Year One, which distributes original 1LE pieces for both 3rd- and 4th-gen Camaros, along with just about anything you could ever want for your road-race, drag race, or showcar-trailer-race Chevy. The great staff over at Year One suggested the entire front 1LE kit, which includes everything a 3rd-gen owner needs to complete a front brake upgrade, including spindles,rotors, calipers, hoses, bearings, pads,and mounting hardware.

The only weak link in this department,especially in a road racing application,is the hoses. For this we looked no further than Earl's Performance Plumbing, and its braided stainless steel brake line kit. With such heavy braking events occurring throughout a road race, it's imperative that the lines take the increased temperatures over a race distance.

We hate to say this install was easy as child's play, but in fact, it was-the race team crew out at Norco High School threw the 1LE parts and Earl's hoses onto Project Road Rage in less than a day. While we can almost start to see the light at the end of the tunnel (or is that a checkered flag waving?) with Project Road Rage, keep tuning in as we still have a rollcage to fabricate, a motor to throw in, and plenty of other gforce-inducing goodies that will help the Camaro race to the front.


Earl's Performance Plumbing
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Year One
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