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Cryogenic Brake Kit - Whoa, Wagon. Whoa!

Cryo What?

Bob McClurg Jul 1, 2004
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Praise Dyno Brake's cryogenically-treated "Stage III" brake drums and "semi-ceramic" brake shoes for Tri-Five Chevys are a dead-nuts replica of OEM, yet they dissipate heat faster, stop quicker, and weigh 24-26-percent less than their cast-iron counterparts. These components are sold either as a kit, complete with wheel cylinders, brake hardware component pack, and heavy-duty master cylinder. For our project vehicle we ordered up a set of four Praise Dyno Brake Stage III Thermo Cooled 11-inch Brake Drums (PN 60001), a pair of Stage III Semi Ceramic front brake shoes (PN PS-228), a pair of Semi Ceramic rear brake shoes (PN PS-9), one of Praise Dyno Brake's Stage III Trick Spring kits (PN 7020), a pair of left front and right front high volume front wheel cylinders (PN WC-20932 & 33), a pair of right and left high volume rear wheel cylinders (PN WC-13387 & 88) and one of Praises Stage III Master Cylinder replacements (PN MC-2100).

Cryogenics play an important part in the automotive industry. But what exactly is it?

It is part of a process known as "materials engineering," according to Praise Dyno Brake's founder and CEO John Ambrose, manufacturer of the highly touted, Praise Dyno Brake, "Stage III" pre-'70 musclecar brake pads and brake shoes.

Brake drums manufactured out of cast-iron retain heat and are prone to warpage. Cryogenically-treated, or "pressurized thermo-cooled" composite cast brake drums like those we offer as part of our Stage III Muscle Car kit for the '55-57 Chevrolets, dissipate heat as much as 50-percent faster than OEM, lessening the wear factor and possibility of warpage," says Ambrose. In the process, braking performance is enhanced along with the life of the overall product.

Pressurized thermo-cooling is a computerized controlled process in which the brake drums are slowly brought to a temperature of-310 degrees F, under pressure, held stable for 60 hours, and then slowly returned to room temperature. As a result the microstructure of the steel is changed by aligning the molecules, or bringing them closer together, eliminating air gaps (porosity) in the metal surface. The end result is an increase in component strength and density without extra weight.

Throughout this process, the pressurized thermo-cooled materials retain their original size and shape, and although this new cryogenized material is stronger at lower temperatures (following treatment) there is no change in yield or tensile strength.

This means it is possible to build a higher-tolerance, quicker heat-dissipating OEM-type brake drum which looks technically correct from the restorer's viewpoint, yet weighs approximately 24-26-percent less than its OEM cast-iron counterpart.

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Doug Auzene and his "Rocket Muffler" '55 Chevrolet wagon were ideal candidates for Praise Dyno Brake's Stage III thermo-cooled brake drums and semi-ceramic brake shoes as he and the wagon compete in both the Wally Parks/NHRA Motorsports Museum-hosted California Hot Rod Nationals events and the Good Guys nostalgia racing series. Auzene also bracket races the '55 at LACR.

Praise Dyno Brake's "semi-ceramic" brake shoes also feature a higher coefficient of friction over straight metallic, or semi-metallic OEM brake shoes, creating less pedal pressure while stopping in shorter distances.

Praise Dyno Brake's "high volume" wheel cylinders are also a direct OEM replacement. However, these 1/8-inch-larger-bore wheel cylinders move more fluid through the system, requiring less pedal pressure.

The company's "Trick Spring Kit," features 31-psi "pullback pressure" versus OEM's Tri-5 13-pound tensile strength springs which tend to "ride" the swept surface of the brake drum causing excessive heat, and premature wear. When up grading your classic Tri-Five to Stage III fitment, the manufacturer recommends that you install one of their new, OE master cylinders to insure that your Tri-Five's brake pressure is performing at maximum capacity.


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