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Chevy Monte Carlo Brake Kit - Stop Us, Please

A Brake System That Won't Break The Bank

Kevin Lee Oct 1, 2002
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The continual quest for better performance from our '70 Monte Carlo has led us to the braking system. Our ultimate goal is to swap on a set of large-diameter discs, front and back, but we know that not all of our readers can step up to this type of high-end system or want to replace their 15-inch wheels. As we have done in the past, we wanted to get performance numbers to see just how well our upgrades worked and let you decide if they are worth your hard-earned green.

We also wanted to provide you with an alternative performance braking system that should be well within the budget of anyone building a performance car. Our existing brakes were in good condition, but in order to make a later comparison as fair as possible, we wanted to start with new components.

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As soon as we had all the old drum brake parts off and out of the way, we sprayed some water on the backing plates to prevent the brake dust from getting airborne. It's also a lot cheaper than brake cleaner and works really well. Once the backing plates were nice and wet, we took a stiff bristle brush, scrubbed them clean, and then washed them down again. We used a drip pan to help keep the shop floor clean.

We contacted Raybestos, and they sent us their BRUTESTOP pieces to replace everything brake related, from the rubber hoses out. The disc brake pads were upgraded with their new Quiet Stop line featuring a new friction blend made from ceramic ingredients instead of the iron fibers and steel powders found in semi-metallic pads. These pads are 100 percent shimmed, slotted, and chamfered to provide ultra-quiet braking, low dusting, exceptional durability, and resistance to fade.

We took the Monte over to Jim Sleeper at Sleeper Suspension Development and used some shop space to do the install, which went off without a hitch; everything was a direct swap for the OEM parts. The new brakes feel great and have good pedal feedback.

Once we were ready to go out and get the numbers, we contacted the guys at Hotchkis Performance. Hotchkis had all ready tested our stock brakes, as well as our other suspension mods, so they were familiar with the car. During the final testing we were having a little trouble with the rear brakes locking up on a few stops, so we might have to try adjusting them a little more or look into an adjustable proportioning valve. But even so, we knocked off about 17 feet on average over our stock brakes which will keep our front bumper out of the back seat of the car in front of us if the need arises to bring the Monte to a sudden halt.

The best part is that all this performance can be yours for less that $700, and when you think about it, that's a small price to pay to ensure that you can safely harness the power that you've all ready built into the engine.


Hotchkis Performance
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Sleeper Suspension Development
La Verne, CA
(909) 392-8886
Raybestos Brakes
Corona, CA 91720



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