'70-81 Camaro Brake Kit - Short Stop

Stop Your F-Body On A Dime

Mike Petralia Oct 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0210_06_z Short_stop Photo 2/20

F-Body Braking
Before installing its Track/PBR brake system, Baer tested this '71 Camaro's braking ability. After the install they returned to the same stretch of asphalt to compare the results of their system. Each test was repeated 10 times to get the brakes nice and hot. Note how terribly the factory system stops as it gets hotter. The Baer system hardly even noticed the heat. All times listed is how many seconds it took the car to come to a complete stop.

Since these brakes are all about performance, and performance driving doesn't even begin to happen until you reach triple-digit speeds, Baer also ran the Camaro up to 100 mph and brought it to a halt five more times. Notice that it took the factory brakes more than one-quarter of a mile to come to a complete stop from 100 mph after they got hot. That's scary. The Baer system actually improved its stopping distances after every 100-0-mph test.


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