Chevy Tahoe Brakes - Super Stop And Be Clean About It

Changing Our Tahoe To A Matched Set Of Brakes

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Chevrolet's Tahoe is about the hottest SUV in town. There's nothing lightweight about it, though, and we were ready to get it stopped a little more quickly than the stock components would let us. Besides that, the dust from the OEM pads was UGLY and made us wonder why we had these really cool wheels when they often looked like the inside of a chimney. Raybestos recommended that we try their Superstop components with cross-drilled and slotted rotors. For the rear drums we received Superstop shoes and new drums to complement the front. This system is one that Raybestos has been supplying to many fleets, including some police departments using Tahoes for special-duty, and they're the official brakes of NASCAR.

The combination ceramic-metallic composite material used on the pads and shoes is not only extremely effective in hauling our 6,000-pound grocery-getter to a stop but is extremely clean. Although no sophisticated devices were available for scientific measurement, we estimate the vehicle stops about a third-to-half better than it did. It's much more pleasurable in stop-and-go traffic and inspires a level of confidence we didn't feel before. We've been watching for all that nasty dust and debris, but so far the only things on our front wheels are what we pick up on the road.

Why have bright chromed or polished wheels only to install brake pads that cover them with gray? Follow along as we go through the fairly simple and straightforward R&R of our brake system. The whole job took less than four hours. Cost for everything we put on, including new rotors, calipers, drums, hardware, pads, shoes, and wheel cylinders, is under $500. When changing to the Superstop system, it is recommended that all new components be used in order to maximize the effectiveness of the material and its longevity, although some installations may not require calipers. Nevertheless, make sure that the job includes new hardware kits.


Raybestos Brakes
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