1955 Nomad Drum Brake Conversion - Classic Binder

Swapping Drums For Discs On A High-Tech Nomad

Chris Fesler Jul 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0107_15_z 1955_nomad_drum_break_conversion Brake_cleaner 2/30

Since we were dealing with a 46-year-old braking system, there was a bit of cleaning to do. Standard brake cleaner was used to clean away any old grease along with old brake residue that collects in the crevices.

To keep things looking nice and new, black spray paint was used to improve the look of the stock spindle.

To keep things turning smoothly, an extra coat of grease was applied to the spindle shaft.

Sucp_0107_16_z 1955_nomad_drum_break_conversion Sprayed_black 3/30

Our new brakes came from the factory with a coating on them that would not benefit our braking performance. We used a brake cleaner to help remove this coating.

The next step was to install the grease-packed wheel bearings into the rotor. After the bearings were placed, they were followed by the grease seal. The seal prevents any dust or debris from getting into the bearing.

Next, the caliper bracket was mounted to the spindle. We used the supplied spacer and bolt to secure it. At this point we did not tighten the bolt, only snug fit it.




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