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Chevy Trailblazer SS - Baer Big Brake Kit Install

Big Brakes For Big Bodies

Justin Cesler Apr 9, 2013
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There is something to be said about owning a really fast street truck. It's awesome to see a big, heavy 4-door lay down smoky burnouts at the track, or hammer down off a stoplight, leaving some silly Mustang kid in the dust. But at the end of those 100-plus mile an hour blasts, you're going to have to slow it down. And, worst-case scenario, you may have to slow it down in a hurry, and carrying tons – literally tons – of weight isn't exactly optimal for braking performance. Luckily, GM understood the need for decent brakes on its factory hot rod line of trucks and they did a great job of getting the 4,500-pound rockets to stop in a fair amount of time. But if you're anything like us, stock braking (or accelerating) just isn't going to cut it for long and that's where folks like Baer come in.

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Think a full 6-piston, 14-inch brake system for a Trailblazer SS would get you going – er, stopping? Baer did, and they've worked hard to perfect a bolt-on system for the Trailblazer SS that works with factory wheels, brake lines, and axles for a simple one-day job that can cut over 15-feet from your 60-to-0 speed stops. Not to resort to scare tactics here, but 15-feet can be the difference between a major accident and a change-of-shorts quick stop, which is something to think about. Plus, you'll reduce brake fade, get an upgrade in the looks department, and feel better about squeezing a little more throttle before the braking zone at your local hangout. For Mike Norris of Norris Motorsports, a guy who specializes in big power, the allure of big brakes was just too much to put off and he invited us out to Raymond's Performance in Indianapolis, Indiana to cover the installation and perform the brake testing.

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20. After a couple days worth of daily driving, Mike Norris took the TBSS back to our “test facility” (it was a road in an industrial park) and performed three back-to-back runs after warming up the brakes. All three runs saw major improvements in stopping distance and, impressively, a significant decrease in fade run to run. The final stop from 60-to-0 was our best and done in 100.5-feet, chopping 17-feet from our baseline test!


Mike Norris Motorsports
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Raymond's Performance

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