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Chevelle: Brakes

how to
Jim Smart May 30, 2019
Better working brakes and better looking wheels for your classic Chevy
Installing right-sized Wilwood brakes on a 1966 Chevelle with 15-inch wheels and adding a set of vintage styled 17-inch rollers. » Read More
Jim Smart Apr 29, 2019
How to install the Moser C-Clip Eliminator on the GM 12-bolt and upgrade your rear drums
Make the GM 12-bolt rearend more reliable with a C-Clip Eliminator kit from Moser. Install Wilwood disc brakes. » Read More
Tommy Lee Byrd Nov 5, 2018
Curing Tire & Wheel Fitment Problems with Narrow Disc Brakes
We fix tire rub issues with a set of CPP drum offset narrow disc brakes on a 1964 Chevelle. See what it takes to narrow the track width. » Read More
Steven Rupp Aug 31, 2018
Fixing Brake Pad Knockback with a Floating Axle System from Baer
If your Chevy has a live axle and you're experiencing knockback, there’s an easy fix in the form of a full floating axle system from Baer. » Read More
Tommy Lee Byrd Mar 27, 2017
Improve Your Chevelle’s Stance, Stopping Power, and Traction
Brakes should be number one on your to-do list if you’re planning on driving your classic Chevy regularly. » Read More
1969 Chevelle El Camino: Installing the CPP Street Beast Hydraulic Brake Booster
We install CPP's Street Beast Hydraulic Brake Booster on this 1969 Chevelle El Camino to tame the bad brakes. » Read More
CJ Ryder Jul 20, 2015
How to Upgrade a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle from Drum to Disc Brakes
Upgrading to disc brakes is a big improvement over four-wheel drums, but there are different levels of discs brakes. » Read More
Steven Rupp May 15, 2015
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Suspension, Brakes, and Steering Upgrade
Old cars suck to drive. Now that I have your attention, let me explain. » Read More
Steven Rupp Apr 27, 2015
chassis suspension
How to Install Speedway Motors' Rear Disc Conversion Kit
Do it yourself with this budget brake install using Speedway Motors' rear disc conversion kit. When you can stop your muscle car ... » Read More
Jake Amatisto Sep 24, 2014
How to Install a CPP Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Thanks to Classic Performance Products, installing disc brakes on your drum car is easier than ever. Check out how we installed this kit on ... » Read More
Patrick Hill Apr 9, 2014
Project American Heroes III Baer 6P Caliper Brakes Install - Thirty-Two Pistons And Counting
Project American Heroes III gets a set of Baer 6P brakes so it stops as fast as it accelerates » Read More
Arvid Svendsen Apr 29, 2010
1964 Chevy Chevelle Front Disc Brake Conversion - Braking Effects
For those who want to stop in a shorter distance in your Chevy muscle check out our 1964 Chevy Chevelle project car that gets a front disc ... » Read More
Henry D Nov 1, 2009
1966 Chevy Chevelle Brakes - A-Body Overhaul
Joe Juliano loves the way 15-inch Cragar wheels look on his 1966 Chevelle and was luckily able to upgrade the brakes with ABS Power Brake ... » Read More
Mike Ficacci Aug 1, 2009
Installing a Hard-Stopping, Hydroboosted Four-Wheel Disc Brake System on a 1966 Chevelle
Check out this 1966 Chevelle with a Hydroboost braking system. » Read More
John Nelson Feb 26, 2008
1968 Chevelle Brake Booster - Booster Blues
Lengthy road tests proved that some components weren't talking each other from performing the brake system upgrade on our donor 1968 Chevy ... » Read More
Randy Fish Feb 1, 2004

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