1973 Camaro Baer Brakes Upgrade - Bigger Badder Binders

We Upgrade A Second-Gen From Twin-Piston To Baer's New Six-Piston Calipers.

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But Do They Stop Better?
Steve Rupp from Camaro Performers magazine, graciously allowed me the opportunity to upgrade my existing Baer Brake Track front calipers with a set of Baer 6P calipers, and followed with instructions to go forth and then stop, a lot. With plans to autocross and take in a few track days, I'd purchased the Track system back in 2002 when starting the build on my '73 Camaro. Autocrossing never posed any problems for the Track system, but the track events sure did, as trying to get 3,600 lbs of forward motion slowed down is a huge job. Pad friction material upgrades and brake ducting, to keep the rotors cooler, helped get in a few more laps, but I rarely finished a session due to the inevitable brake fade and low pedal. When I heard Baer had an upgrade package, I jumped at it.

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The actual install process was straightforward, uncomplicated, and took about two hours. Parts were simple, as the calipers and solid adapter brackets all came with the kit. The best part was that the Baer Track rotors can be reused for the new upgraded 6P calipers. The calipers come with pre-bedded pads, and I strongly recommend that you either have the rotors turned or replaced if they're not serviceable, as the 6P friction material sweep area is wider than that for the Track pad. Like the Track system (Corvette C4), the 6P calipers use standard Corvette pads (C5/C6, non-ZO6 or ZR1) which are available in a variety of friction materials. For my car's use, I plan to replace the existing Baer 6P pads with Hawk HP Plus, as those were used with the Track calipers, and I'm used to their performance. After replenishing the hydraulic system with fluid and checking for any leaks, then bleeding the system, I was done.

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And as for the benefit, I had the opportunity to test the Camaro at two autocrosses, and after adjusting the brake bias, I immediately noticed a difference in the braking ability. The CliffNotes version is that stopping appeared easier for the car with the same amount of pedal effort. Where the stopping was really good with the Track system calipers, it was exceptional with the 6P's. The Baer 6P calipers are a huge improvement and should be a consideration for anyone looking to upgrade their existing Baer brake system or replace OEM. I can't wait until the next track day to see if they're as good hauling this tank down from 120 mph as they are slowing it from 60 mph autocross speeds.


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