How to Install the TCI Camaro Roll Stop Kit - Light ’Em Up!

Installing a TCI Roll Stop kit is one of the easiest mods that can give you some tire smoking fun on your new Camaro.

Patrick Hill Feb 5, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Activator 2/21

11. This is the activator switch for the kit. It’s a simple, push button binary switch that can be mounted just about anywhere. The one downside to the included switch is it requires a hole be drilled somewhere in the interior to mount it. Since the button needs to be easily accessible and within arm’s reach while you’re behind the wheel, the center console near the shifter is the logical place. But the car’s owner didn’t really want to drill a hole in his center console.

Activator Switch 3/21

12. After some brainstorming, we figured out a solution. A quick run to the parts store and we came back with a two-wire trailer light coupling, a different button switch, and a universal lighter plug. First step was wiring the white wire on the plug into the black ground wire coming from the solenoid. We cut off the other wire from the plug, as it was unnecessary.

Wiring Terminal 4/21

13. Using a terminal connector, we crimped this end onto the other plug.

Wire Connected To Button 5/21

14. Then we connected the wire to our new button switch.

Crimping Ground 6/21

15. On the ground wire for the lighter plug we got, we crimped on another hoop connector.

Connecting Wire To 7/21

16. Next we connected that wire to the other terminal on our new switch…

Connecting 8/21

17. … and plugged our new “harness” together.

Button Trigger And Power 9/21

18. Here’s what we ended up with, our new button switch harness. The lighter plug goes into the lighter outlet by the shifter, completing our ground circuit so the solenoid will work, and thanks to the two wire plug we installed, when not needed all we have to do is unplug the switch, stash it in the glove compartment, then tuck away our other wire, and no one would ever know our 2010 Camaro even has a roll stop installed. Best of all, we didn’t have to drill any holes in our interior panels.

Button Switch And 10/21

19. When plugged in, here’s what we’ve got. The larger button switch makes it easy to hold in the hand while using the shifter, with a large button that’s quick to push with the free thumb.

Chevy Camaro 11/21

20. And the end result is this: Effortless burnouts and tire -smoking fun!


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