How to Install the TCI Camaro Roll Stop Kit - Light ’Em Up!

Installing a TCI Roll Stop kit is one of the easiest mods that can give you some tire smoking fun on your new Camaro.

Patrick Hill Feb 5, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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If you’ve got a fifth-gen Camaro, we know at some point you’ve dropped the hammer and lit those rear tires up in an outburst of adrenaline junky fun. Don’t lie, don’t look away, we know who you are. No one buys a new Camaro to just drive it like some boring, mundane conveyance that has no character. That’s not you!

To make burning up those rear tires easier, especially if you’ve got a manual trans car, why not install a roll stop/line lock kit? These are especially useful for when you do burnouts and stage at the dragstrip, but let’s face it: roll stop kits can be fun and useful on the street. Of course, we’d never endorse nor condone such illegal behavior. But we’ve heard it happens.

Used predominantly in drag racing, a roll stop (also referred to as line lock) holds the front brakes even when the brake pedal isn’t depressed. This helps when doing a burnout to heat up and clean off the rear tires, and at the starting line while staging the car and brining the engine up while waiting for the green light. Roll stops are especially handy in manual trans cars, since the universe only gave us two feet to work three pedals.

Even better, they’re super easy to install. We recently installed a TCI Camaro Roll Stop kit (part no. 861735) in a 2010 Camaro SS, and including our trip to the parts store to grab a couple of things, it only took us an hour and half to install on the six-speed manual car. The kit retails for about $165, so it’s budget friendly too.

Follow along and we’ll show you how easy it is to add this simple mod to your fifth-gen.

Chevy Camaro Master 2/21

1. The first step is disconnecting the hydraulic line for the front brakes. On a fifth-gen Camaro, the rear line on the master cylinder is for the front brakes.

Tci Roll Stop 3/21

2. Here’s our TCI roll stop kit, part no. 861735. It includes everything necessary for a typical installation.

Tci Coupler 4/21

3. This coupler line (included with kit) is pre-bent to install on the fifth-gen Camaro. It goes between the roll stop solenoid and the master cylinder.

Tci Line Lock 5/21

4. The roll stop/line lock solenoid works by not allowing the pressure in the brakes lines from applying the pedal to release, holding the front brakes locked even when your foot is off the brake pedal.

Coupler Line Installed On Tci 6/21

5. Install the coupler line on the solenoid in this orientation. If you install the line on the master cylinder first, you won’t be able to get the solenoid into position next to the master cylinder.

Line Lock Installed On Master 7/21

6. After bolting the included mounting bracket to the solenoid, we slipped it into place on the passenger side of the master cylinder.

Line Lock Installed On Master 8/21

7. The mounting bracket bolts to the stud that holds the master cylinder on the power booster. Once secured, the factory line for the front brakes is plumbed into the solenoid, and the coupler line into the master cylinder.

Wiring Tci 9/21

8. Time to hook up power. The red/positive wire from the solenoid is run to the positive battery cable stud.

Tci Solenoid Connector 10/21

9. Using the included connector (blue wiring coupler in photo) attach the black wire extension included in the kit to the ground wire on the solenoid. Then run the wire through one of the factory holes in the firewall and into the passenger cabin.

Wiring And Coupler Covered In 11/21

10. Once everything is set in the engine compartment, use the included conduit to cover up the solenoid wires and the coupler line. This cleans up the install so it looks factory and blends in.




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