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Baer Brakes Pro+ System Install - Whoa Power!

Stopping made easy With Baer binders.

1303 Chpp 01 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install 72 Chevy Camaro 2/10

It wasn't long ago that the majority of muscle cars were either built as Pro Street machines or simply restored back to factory specs. These days, the word pro has evolved into Pro Touring and rather than idling through car shows, these gems can be seen cruising the highways and terrorizing the tracks against most modern-day sports cars.

In this case, we're working with a '72 Camaro. To help slow it down from terminal velocity, we installed a complete Baer Brakes Pro+ system on all four corners. These feature a six-piston caliper and come with two-piece 14-inch rotors, which are guaranteed to produce serious negative forces during hard deceleration.

We should also mention that this particular ride has a bit of history with Baer brakes; in fact, back in 1997, this was the original test car for their second-gen brake systems. Since then, it's been pushed to the limits at most performance events, including our former 0-100-0 challenges. While we've included the performance results in the story, it's even more impressive when you consider that our test subject is a 3,400-pound cruiser without the amenities of modern-day ABS.

The entire Pro+ system comes with a variety of options, including 13- or 14-inch rotors with your choice of caliper colors in red, black, or silver powdercoat. Whether it's simply the look you're after or the performance for track days, Baer has put a lot of effort into their latest system, and rest assured, knowing it'll not only deliver but also exceed all of your expectations.

The front Pro+ brake system is an easy bolt-on and comes pre-assembled as one unit. These offer the two-piece hats, which are lighter than their one-piece counterparts and available in a larger 14-inch diameter rotor. You also get the choice between modified stock spindles or modified 2-inch drop spindles; if you prefer the modified 2-inch drop spindles, expect to pay an additional $300.

 Chpp 02 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install 3/10

To eliminate any rubber hose flex, all lines were replaced with stainless braided lines.

 Chpp 03 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install Stainless Steel Brake 4/10

For the rear setup, we opted for the same 14-inch rotors with six-piston calipers and it comes complete with a drum in hat assembly for the parking brake.

 Chpp 04 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install Rear 5/10

It’s important to note that while the rear calipers look proportionally similar to the front, the six pistons are slightly smaller for correct front-to-rear brake bias.

 Chpp 05 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install Rear 6/10

Another advantage to the Pro+ system is the use of standard C5 and C6 Corvette brake pads, which are widely available and extremely cost effective.

 Chpp 06 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install Corvette Brake 7/10

To complement the aesthetics of the Pro+ system, we ordered a set of three-piece modular 18-inch S74 wheels from the Weld Racing RTS line. The fronts are 18x9.5, while the rears measure 18x11, both with a 6-inch backspace.

 Chpp 07 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install S74 8/10

To prevent any fitment issues, Baer offers a brake template online. Simply download the template and cut along the perforation marks; it’ll help you to size up the wheels accordingly.

 Chpp 08 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install Brake 9/10

To fill in our new shoes, we wrapped the S74 rollers with BFGoodrich g-Force KDWs P275/35ZR18 and P295/35ZR18, front and rear.

 Chpp 09 O Baer Brakes Pro System Install BFG00drich G Force 10/10

The Results 60-to-0 Braking
*Measured in feet


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