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A-Body Arms
Classic Performance Products Inc. announces their new and improved, completely adjustable billet aluminum upper arms for '64-72 Chevelles. Adjustable in length, CPP's trailing arms provide a much wider range of versatility than stock arms. The spherical frame-mounted front bushings allow the arms to rotate free of binding. New POLYPLUS bushings, hardware, and complete instructions are included. Lower arms and complete kits are also available. Call 800-830-7126 for more information, or click on over to

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G-Body Dash
Classic Dash announces a new molded ABS composite dash panel in three finishes for GM G-body cars, rear-wheel drive iterations that were produced from late 1981 until early 1988 including the El Camino and Malibu. The G-body panel is clean and stylish, and the lightweight material is impregnated with a UV inhibiter that protects it from sun damage. A Thermwood 5-axis CNC high-speed router consistently trims the dash panels to within 0.005-inch. The panels are available in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or black finishes. Gauge selection includes several variations from Auto Meter and Classic Instruments. Auto Meter kits include wiring harness from gauges to factory loom, LED turn signal indicators, and high-beam and emergency brake light indicators. For more information, call classic dash at 866-882-3525 or visit them on the Web at

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SS Dash Conversion
Whether you are replacing an original dash or converting from a sweep-style dash to an SS dash, Ground Up has your '70-72 Chevelle or El Camino covered. This deluxe Chevelle SS dash conversion kit includes a new and improved dash carrier featuring bright chrome trim, dash lens, ash tray, glove box door, steering column cover, dash housing, steel backing panel, speedometer, tachometer, clock, temperature and fuel gauge, amp gauge, instrument sockets, printed circuit board, correct dash harness with fuse box, and correct forward lamp harness, or engine harness depending on year. You get it all for $1,745.00. They're also available with updated modern-style ATO style fuse box. For more information call Ground Up at 866-358-2277, or visit

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In 2008 Summit Racing introduced its easy-to-use, budget-friendly single stage paint system for the do-it-yourself hot rodder. Now the Tallmadge, Ohio-based company is ready to help enthusiasts take their custom paint work to the next level with its new Summit Racing 2-Stage Paint System. The new lead-free urethane base coat/clear coat system is formulated to create an outstanding finish with minimal drying time. It includes 40 stunning base coat colors, plus a line of primers, sealers, clear coats, reducers, hardeners, and specialty additives to deliver professional results. "This is the next step in our line of premium automotive paint," Jeff Winters, Summit Racing Equipment Chief Marketing Officer, said. "The two-stage formula will deliver outstanding results like you'd expect from a professional painter or a custom shop. Our base coat/clear coat combination provides a deeper, richer finish worthy of any show car." For more information, go to or call 800-230-3030.

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Big Block and E-Street
Edelbrock has expanded their line of E-Street cylinder heads to include an application for oval port big-block Chevy's. This new 290cc head is designed for entry-level street performance and offers high quality at an affordable price. Manufactured in the USA, these heads are made from A356 aluminum castings that are heat treated to T-6 specifications for superior strength and quality. Features include larger than stock (290cc) intake and (110cc) exhaust ports for improved engine efficiency; resulting in more horsepower, torque, and increased mileage potential. Hardened spring cups help protect long-term wear along with the Heli-Coil threaded inserts for exhaust flanges and rocker studs. These new heads are equipped with 7/16-inch rocker studs and double valve springs to handle valve lifts up to 0.700 inch. The combustion chambers measure 110cc and their 2.19-inch intake valve and 1.88-inch exhaust valve combo produces great horsepower and torque. For more information, call 888-409-1552 or visit

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Hinge Benefit
Eddie Motorsports now manufactures billet aluminum hood hinges for '64-72 Chevelles. The hinges are CNC-machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and employ high-quality sealed ball bearings for a smooth, reliable operation. They are available in machined, satin, or brilliant polished finish, black or clear anodized, or a wide variety of colored Fusion coated finishes. Designed as direct fit, bolt on units, the hinges utilize the stock mounting holes that have been elongated for ease of gap adjustment. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in under-hood customizing or just want to replace your weak, stamped-steel, stock hood hinges with these stout billet pieces, at $495.00 per pair, Eddie Motorsports' hinges are the answer. Call them at 888-813-1293 or go to for more information.

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