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Keep It Cool
Cooling transplant big-blocks in '55-57 Chevy shoeboxes has always been an issue. The design of the front end is not conducive to good cooling for today's high-horsepower engines. Mark 7 Radiators will build you a custom-made cross-flow aluminum radiator that is guaranteed to cool the small- or big-block in your Tri-Five. You supply the specifications on your engine, transmission, etc., and in approximately three to four weeks, Mark 7 will ship your radiator. This radiator features dual 1.25-inch cross-flow cores, capable of cooling up to 750-dynoed horsepower in 100-degree weather, even with the A/C running. The natural aluminum finish radiators start at approximately $650, with polishing or anodizing (black for the stock restored look or in 16 custom colors) slightly more.

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Mark 7 Radiators

Patch It Up Sherman's new front inner repair patch panels are used to replace the area between the bottom of the floor and the quarter window. They are made in Detroit U.S.A. and are shippable anywhere in the world. The patch panels retail for $40.99, plus tax and shipping. In addition to these new panels, Sherman & Associates product offerings includes a full line of exterior and underbody sheet metal, crash parts, repair panels and accessories for vintage and late model GM vehicles.

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Sherman and Associate Inc.

I Can See Clearly...
Pacific Western Design's Raingear windshield wiper system for the '55-57 Chevy passenger cars is a rugged, time-tested lever-and-link-type system specifically designed to replace the sloppy spool and cable system. A powerful 12-volt motor mounts under the dash, allowing for a clean firewall. Standard is a two-speed switch. An optional variable speed delay switch is also available. This replacement unit is an easily installed series of assembled components designed to work with your original arms and blades.

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Pacific Western Design


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