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Nov 1, 2010
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Interior Motives
CARS Inc. has you covered when it comes to the interior of the Tri-Fives. It has just about everything you could need in original colors or custom leather. The interior kits come complete and feature original door-weight cloth installed on new door and quarter-panel boards, including metal door edge bands with welded nail fasteners. The panels come presewn with vinyl, four-piece windlace set and rear armrest covers, kick panels, and vinyl to cover your front armrest pads. You also get exact reproduction seat covers in the correct design, material and color.

Sucs_1041_01_o CARS_inc Interior_covers 2/13

Cars Inc

Step On It
For a compact and clean look, Lokar has put a modern bend on classic brake pedal pads for '55-57s. The company's Curved Brake/Clutch Pedal Pads add style and function to your classic car. Designed with hidden screws, these pads are curved and pocketed to match and bolt directly to the factory steel brake pedal. Each brake pedal pad has been fashioned after its corresponding factory rubber pad and is available in brushed or black finish.

Sucs_1041_02_o Lokar Curved_brake_and_clutch_pedal_pads 3/13

Lokar Performance Products

Awesome Gauges For The '57
Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the VHX series of instrumentation and the first application is the legendary '57 Chevy. Offering lighted needles, backlit faces and full character message centers for all displays, the VHX series provides a fresh approach to outfitting a custom vehicle. The VHX series utilizes solid-state sensors and precision stepper motors for spot on accuracy. The VHX series allows for future plug-in expansion modules, allowing nearly any type or amount of vehicle data to be shown within the message centers. The '57 Chevy instrument system attaches directly into the stock instrument pod and utilizes either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness, and stock, modified or late model drivetrain. Systems available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon fiber-style face.

Dakota Digital, Inc
. 877/240-9420

Chrome, Chrome, And More Chrome
Die-cast and triple chrome-plated, these bumper bullets for the '57 are the perfect alternative to black rubber bullets. Choose from the chrome version of the original, or enjoy the custom look of the "Smoothie" version. Either bullet will add a subtle touch of shine and sparkle that will make your classic a bit cooler than the original. For the '55s, Danchuk offers a smoothie front bumper. The bumpers are made of top-quality steel and bring you an ultra sleek look to the front of your classic. Each Smoothie bumper includes custom brackets for mounting, so all you see is complete smooth chrome from side to side.

Danchuk Manufacturing

No Guess Wheel Cleaner
Specialty wheels are expensive so you don't want to damage them using the wrong wheel cleaner. Eagle One has taken the guesswork out of selecting the right wheel cleaner with a line specially formulated for mag, chrome, aluminum wheels, and multipurpose wheel and tire cleaner. These unique formulas make it faster and easier to clean and put a lasting and sparkling shine on your wheels. Chrome Wheel is a one-step cleaner that removes brake dust, grime and even rust and will not harm the delicate surface. Mag Wheel cleaner will brighten up older style wheels as well as chrome-plated surfaces, while Aluminum Wash and Cleaner is an acid-free cleaner that's geared for polished aluminum wheels. For a quick cleanup regardless of wheel type there is A2Z All-Wheel and Tire Cleaner, which cleans both in one easy step. Any of these are available at leading auto parts retailers.

Sucs_1041_08_o Eagle_one No_guess_wheel_cleaner 9/13

Eagle One

Easy Engine Install
Performance Online, Inc. (POL) offers an all in one, bolt-in kit that includes all hardware and mounts to install your hot new engine and trans into your classic Tri-Five. Engine mounts will accommodate both small- and big block and are available in stock locations or 3/4 forward for those running an HEI distributors transmission crossmember. These V-8 side motor mount conversion brackets accommodate both seamed and seamless frame types. The mounts come in an attractive gold zinc finish and button head bolts are standard, for a show quality look and feature a lifetime warranty against defects. The transmission crossmember comes in black powder coated steel. Rubber mounts are included, but can be upgraded to Polyurethane for $90.

Sucs_1041_09_o Performance_online Easy_engine_install_kit 10/13

Performance Online, Inc. (POL)

Keep It Cool
Cooling transplant big-blocks in '55-57 Chevy shoeboxes has always been an issue. The design of the front end is not conducive to good cooling for today's high-horsepower engines. Mark 7 Radiators will build you a custom-made cross-flow aluminum radiator that is guaranteed to cool the small- or big-block in your Tri-Five. You supply the specifications on your engine, transmission, etc., and in approximately three to four weeks, Mark 7 will ship your radiator. This radiator features dual 1.25-inch cross-flow cores, capable of cooling up to 750-dynoed horsepower in 100-degree weather, even with the A/C running. The natural aluminum finish radiators start at approximately $650, with polishing or anodizing (black for the stock restored look or in 16 custom colors) slightly more.

Sucs_1041_10_o Keep_it_cool Mark_7_radiators 11/13

Mark 7 Radiators

Patch It Up Sherman's new front inner repair patch panels are used to replace the area between the bottom of the floor and the quarter window. They are made in Detroit U.S.A. and are shippable anywhere in the world. The patch panels retail for $40.99, plus tax and shipping. In addition to these new panels, Sherman & Associates product offerings includes a full line of exterior and underbody sheet metal, crash parts, repair panels and accessories for vintage and late model GM vehicles.

Sucs_1041_11_o Sherman_and_accessories Front_inner_repair_patch_panels 12/13

Sherman and Associate Inc.

I Can See Clearly...
Pacific Western Design's Raingear windshield wiper system for the '55-57 Chevy passenger cars is a rugged, time-tested lever-and-link-type system specifically designed to replace the sloppy spool and cable system. A powerful 12-volt motor mounts under the dash, allowing for a clean firewall. Standard is a two-speed switch. An optional variable speed delay switch is also available. This replacement unit is an easily installed series of assembled components designed to work with your original arms and blades.

Sucs_1041_12_o Pacific_western_design Windshield_wiper_system 13/13

Pacific Western Design



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