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More A-Body Control
Global West Suspension now offers a rear coilover kit for '64-72 Chevelle, Monte Carlo, El Camino, and other A-body applications. The upgrade provides adjustable ride height, adjustable anti-squat, a revised rear sway bar that no longer attaches to the lower arms, and Penske performance shocks. The kit is engineered to replace the stock spring location with a coilover spring and shock. This design provides greater shock control and also opens the area up over the differential for larger exhaust pipes. Global West offers a wide range of components for A-bodies including front coilover applications. Prices for the rear coilover kit start at $1,900.00. For more information call Global West toll free at 877-470-2975, or check them out online at

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Caged Aggression
If you own a Chevelle, Cutlass, or GTO, chances are it could use a healthy dose of increased chassis stiffness and structural strength. Problem is, most solutions require significant modifications to the car, or considerable amounts of fabricating and welding. RideTech has a new and simple solution: The TigerCage. This is a completely bolt-in cage that installs using key structural locations to substantially increase chassis stiffness. The TigerCage is constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel and requires absolutely no welding or fabricating. The strength of the TigerCage is derived from interfacing with existing vehicle strength points in multiple planes. This unique design allows you to achieve a significant increase in chassis stiffness and performance without molesting your valuable muscle car. Sanctioning body certification is pending. The TigerCage is available in three different styles, basic, drag, and road race. All cages are available with optional Seat Belt Bar. For more information on the TigerCage go to, or call RideTech at 812-481-4762.

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Brilliant Box
Classic Performance Products is proud to introduce their 500 Series Box for Novas, Camaros, or Chevelles. This is a direct replacement for the factory power steering box or an easy way to upgrade from manual steering to power steering. All parts on CPP's box are new, not remanufactured. The 12.7 to 1 ratio adds a new dimension of handling to your car and offers smooth operation and excellent road feedback. It also works with the factory power steering pitman arm and 3/4-30 rag joint. The 300 Series Power Steering box uses the popular 7/16-inch tube size (11/16-18-inch inverted flare) pressure and 3/8-inch tube size (5/8-18-inch inverted flare) return port fittings. CPP's #CP50004 power steering box fits '64-77 GM A-body, '67-79 GM F-body, '68-79 GM X-body, and '65-79 GM B-body. Retail price is $379.00. Call Classic Performance Products for more information at 800-830-7126, or visit them online at

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G-body Handling, Traction, and Adjustability
Over thirty years after General Motors introduced the G-Body platform to the world, the popular mid-sized muscle car is still a fantastic platform that can be track-ready with just a handful of performance modifications. Now you can achieve new levels of performance and trackside adjustability with the all-new Hotchkis Extreme Sport Sway Bar Set for '78-88 Grand National, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Regal and Cutlass models. The 1 3/8-inch tubular front bar and adjustable 15/16-inch rear bar allow roll stiffness fine tuning (75 percent and 100 percent stiffer than stock) for improved handling balance and traction. The new rear axle sway bar mount and end-link attachment system offers a significant improvement over the stock type bolt-on bar, which limits suspension travel. The kit includes TIG welded end-links with easy-to-lubricate polyurethane bushings, premium mounting hardware including, u-bolts, laser cut axle mounts, polyurethane bushings, grade 8 bolts and gloss black powdercoat finish. For more information on this or any other Hotchkis Sport Suspension parts and components, please visit, or call 877-466-7655.

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Classic Column
Flaming River Industries continues to steer enthusiasts in the right direction with state-of-the-art steering technology. Introducing the "Classic Series"-an all-new line of tilt steering columns featuring a new, original GM ignition and key assembly. The new one-piece key assembly is not an "add-on," and the original "Key At 3" (o'clock) location appeals to the enthusiasts desiring this feature, particularly those with '70s era muscle cars. Columns are available in floor shift and column shift models. The columns utilize stainless steel tubes and housings in paintable (mill finish), polished, and a black powdercoated OEM type finishes. The columns come in various lengths and are also available with a 1-inch, 48-spline output shaft for replacement applications. Flaming River can also build custom columns to customer specifications. For further information, visit or call them toll-free 866-897-5497.

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Exhaust Hangers
There is no doubt your '68-72 Chevelle is missing the original exhaust pipes or could even be on the fourth or fifth set. The exhaust hangers in most cases were cut off and thrown away with the original exhaust and replaced with generic hangers. These generic hangers held the exhaust in place but do not always look or fit so great. Inline tube has gone to great lengths to reproduce original-style hangers for a excellent fitting exhaust and a factory-fresh look. Now your mufflers can sit in the correct spot and the tailpipes will exit in the correct location. Inline Tube's Exhaust Hangers are car and year specific and are a concourse-correct reproduction of the originals. They come with all the bolts and hardware to install your system correctly. Visit Inline Tube online at, or call them at 800-385-9452.

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