The Top 101 Chevrolet Products For 2010 From The SEMA Show In Las Vegas - Hitting The Jackpot!

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Complete Subframe Assembly
The new Hotchkis bolt-in subframe system combines sport springs, sway bars, and chassis max subframe brace for perfect balance, handling and control. The track-tested bolt-in subframe system arrives on a pallet ready to bolt into your '67-69 Camaro and '68-'74 Nova. Every subframe system is assembled by hand using the highest quality domestic hardware.
Hotchkis Performance

Sucp_1103_64_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hotchkis_subframe_system 2/103

Keyless Ignition System
ididit is your key to keyless with the company's newest product, the Keyless Push Button ignition system. It includes two key fobs and one compact control box with 10-foot range ability. The key fob has automatic and manual security ability.
ididit Inc.

Sucp_1103_65_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ididit_keyless_push_button 3/103

Air Filter
This stock replacement air filter for '08-and-newer Corvettes from K&N features a reversed sealing surface for maximized airflow and surface area. The filter is washable and reusable with a 1,000,000-mile warranty and includes mounting brackets.
K&N Engineering Inc.

Sucp_1103_66_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Kn_air_filter_corvette 4/103

Musclecar Drop Spindle Set
Here's a 2-inch drop spindle set for '67-69 Camaros and '68-72 Chevelles. This forged steel spindle is built as a direct factory replacement and has a modular design to accept many brake upgrades.
KW Automotive North America

Sucp_1103_69_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Kw_drop_spindle_set 5/103

Drive-by-Wire Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
Lokar partnered with Williams Controls in developing the first programmable electronic drive-by-wire throttle pedal for the automotive aftermarket. This throttle pedal is three times faster than the OE pedals and also looks much better.
Lokar Performance Products

Sucp_1103_70_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Lokar_drive_by_wire_ect 6/103

Serpentine System
This billet aluminum LS Protrack serpentine system for LS-based motors is the newest thing to come out of the March Performance camp. It is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, features an OEM-style tensioner to ensure perfect belt tension, and a canister-style power steering pump. It comes in either black or chrome, with all the needed accessories.
March Performance Inc.

Sucp_1103_71_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema March_performance_serpentine_system 7/103

'60s Muscle Gauge Set
Marshall Instruments brings you retro, muscle-car-era-themed gauges with period look and modern technology. There are three different silk screens available in two different sizes with through the dial lighting and lit pointers. All the traditional gauges are covered like speedo, tach, fuel, volts, and so on.
Marshall Instruments

Sucp_1103_72_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Marshall_instruments_muscle_gauge_set 8/103

Door Panels
New from Legendary are these '66 Chevelle door panels with the correct three-dimensional filler board construction, heat-sealed madrid grain vinyl upper, crushed ice grain lower and pebble grain textured chrome accent. This door panel is available in all the original factory colors and grains.
Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.

Sucp_1103_73_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Legendary_chevelle_door_panels 9/103

Glasspack Mufflers
With 100-percent aluminized steel construction, these glasspack mufflers from Magnaflow have a non-fiberglass acoustic packing material and a straight-through performance design. They are precision robotic CNC welded in the USA, and come in three different lengths.
MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust

Sucp_1103_74_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Magnaflow_glasspack_muffler 10/103

Nova Taillight
This '66-67 Nova taillight is from Marquez Designs. It is 3D machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and comes as you see here with LED lighting. For a more traditional look, you can purchase a lens that has the clear reverse light area.
Marquez Design

Sucp_1103_75_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Marquez_design_taillight 11/103


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