The Top 101 Chevrolet Products For 2010 From The SEMA Show In Las Vegas - Hitting The Jackpot!

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Lenco Overdrive
Gear Vendors, in collaboration with Lenco, brings overdrive to the renowned four- and five-lever Lenco racing transmissions. This is great news for those 6- and 7-second cars looking to compete in events like True Street or do any street driving.
Gear Vendors Overdrive

Sucp_1103_51_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gear_vendors_lenco_overdrive 2/103

Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
Dual Extreme Sport's exhaust system for the '10-and-newer Camaros give that racetrack sound and maximum performance. Its uses the cats as the only sound suppression and comes in heavy duty aluminized and high quality stainless steel.
Gibson Performance Exhaust

Sucp_1103_52_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gibson_performance_exhaust_system 3/103

More E-Rod News
There were two big newsworthy things at the GM Performance Parts booth. First is the LS3 E-Rod crate engine now meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) aftermarket requirements, and carries EO number D-126-30. That makes it a perfect fit into your '95-and-earlier OBD-1 model vehicles while retaining emissions-compliance. The other thing was that the supercharged LSA engine is the newest to get the E-Rod packaging treatment.
GM Performance Parts

Sucp_1103_53_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gm_performance_parts_ls3_e_rod 4/103

Camaro Body
How about authentic 1967-'69 Camaro bodies from Goodmark? They come with original VIN/ registration, and all sheetmetal except for the cowl panel and pillars have been replaced using Goodmark Parts.
Goodmark Industries Inc.

Sucp_1103_56_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Goodmark_camaro_bodies 5/103

2010-'11 Camaro Lowering Kit
Ground Force now offers a 1-inch lowering kit for the '10-11 SS Camaros. The kit was designed to improve the handling of the car without compromising the OE ride quality.
Ground Force

Sucp_1103_57_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ground_force_camaro_lowering_springs 6/103

Block-Hugger Hedders
These Hedman Block Hugger Hedders are the essential exhaust component when installing a classic 348/409 engine into your muscle car or street rod application. They are offered coated or uncoated and come with all the necessary hardware and gaskets.
Hedman Performance

Sucp_1103_58_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Heman_block_hugger_hedders 7/103

Hi-Ram Modular Intake Manifold System
Holley LS3/L92 Hi-Ram Modular Intake Manifold System provides a max-performance, cost-effective alternative to fabricated manifolds on popular LS engine applications. Tops are available for single or dual carbs, EFI, or plain for you to cut your own configuration.
Holley Performance Products

Sucp_1103_59_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Holley_performance_intake_manifold_system 8/103

Revolution Wheel
Grant starts with the OEM factory core and then works some magic to give your new airbag-equipped Camaro steering wheel a safe, legal, and much-needed functionality upgrade. Simply reinstall your factory airbag along with any of your original factory switches (if equipped) into the Grant Revolution wheel. This is for automatic cars only, and will not work on stick-shift models.
Grant Products

Sucp_1103_60_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Grant_revolution_wheel 9/103

Street Rotors
Hawk Performance Quiet Slot rotors are cast from a proprietary formulation of alloys to increase braking performance. The rotors feature a unique slot design specifically engineered to shorten your vehicles stopping distance.
Hawk Performance

Sucp_1103_61_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hawk_street_rotors 10/103

Pro Touring Rear Sway Bar
Hellwig Motorsports tubular sway bars utilize high-strength, tubular DOM steel to maximize performance but with up to half the weight of a solid bar. All bends are done on computer-controlled benders, and the ends are radiused for better clearance and a clean appearance. This 1-inch bar is made for the GM G-body platform, and has three different hole positions for roll stiffness adjustment.
Hellwig Products Co.

Sucp_1103_62_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hellwig_pro_touring_rear_swap_bar 11/103


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