The Top 101 Chevrolet Products For 2010 From The SEMA Show In Las Vegas - Hitting The Jackpot!

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Billet Hood Hinges
These billet hood hinges for '61 Impalas are CNC-machined to perfection. They are made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and utilize sealed bearings for smooth and long lasting operation. Available in various finishes, polished is shown.
Eddie Motorsports, Inc.

Sucp_1103_38_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Eddie_motorsports_billet_hood_hinges 2/103

E-Street Crate Engines
Edelbrock announced three new E-Street crate engines. The heart of the 315 hp 370 lb-ft of torque performance is derived from the Edelbrock Total Power Package, including E-Street 185cc aluminum cylinder heads and Performer hydraulic camshaft. The E-Street crate engines are available in three levels: a base long-block, a complete carbureted assembly, and a complete EFI assembly.

Sucp_1103_39_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Edelbrock_e_street_crate_engines 3/103

2010-and-Up Camaro Bushings
For the fifth-generation Camaro, Energy Suspension has focused copious amounts of time and research determining the best possible solution to improving an already epic chassis design. The result is a safer, more track-friendly vehicle. Two options are available for the rear subframe.
Energy Suspension

Sucp_1103_40_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Energy_suspension_camaro_bushings 4/103

Retro-Fit Multi-Port Fuel Injection Kit
Multi-Port Retro-Fit EZ-EFI kits bring the award-winning, self-tuning fuel injection system to existing multi-port fuel-injected applications-including mid-'80s TPI engines. You get everything needed to complete the conversion so you can enjoy the new performance right away.

Sucp_1103_43_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fuel_air_spark_fuel_injection_kit 5/103

Short Shifter
Fidanza's '10-11 Camaro SS short shifter is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is made in the U.S.A. It includes bushings and installation instructions for smooth performance over the life of the product.
Fidanza Engineering Corp.

Sucp_1103_44_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fidanza_short_shifter 6/103

Radiator/Fan Combination
Flex-a-lite has introduced a new cross-flow radiator with patented Flex-a-fit side tank design for drop-in installation into '67-69 Camaros. The internal fins perform as heat sinks, which absorb heat quickly from the engine coolant, radiating it through external fins to dissipate heat twice as fast.
Flex-a-lite Consolidated

Sucp_1103_45_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flex_a_lite_radiator_fan_combo 7/103

2010-'11 Camaro SS Fluidampr
Fluidampr has a new underdrive balancer for the '10-11 V-8 Camaros. It features the factory six-rib pulley with a 25-percent underdrive.

Sucp_1103_46_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fluidampr_underdrive_balancer 8/103

Billet LED indicator lights
Fesler Billet's '69 Camaro indicator lights with custom LED boards and housing are designed to replace the original stock components. The new indicator lights are made from T-6061 billet aluminum and come in seven different finishes. The custom LED's offer more than stock options and are capable of parking (center amber), driving (center white) and indicating functions (amber ring).
Fesler Billet

Sucp_1103_47_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fesler_billet_camaro_indicator_lights 9/103

Power Rack-and-Pinion Cradle
Flaming River's '64-67 Chevelle Rack-and-Pinion Cradle kit uses a travel bar design to stabilize and properly position the steering pivot points to the original location, and deliver original turning radius. Kit also includes a sway bar for improved handling and performance on curves.
Flaming River Industries Inc.

Sucp_1103_48_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flaming_river_chevelle_rack_and_pinion 10/103

Performance Mufflers
Hushpower dBX mufflers utilize technology drawn from both the Hushpower2 and Pro series lines to provide maximum performance and deep smooth sound quality. These mufflers feature a 409S stainless steel core and a semi-polished 304S stainless steel outer shell.
Flowmaster Inc

Sucp_1103_49_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flowmaster_hushpower_dbx_muffler 11/103


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