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The Top 101 Chevrolet Products For 2010 From The SEMA Show In Las Vegas - Hitting The Jackpot!

Mar 1, 2011
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nce a year, the big players of the automotive aftermarket congregate in the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show. Companies bring out high-end project vehicles and new products. This year's SEMA show did not disappoint, with over 1,500 new products on display smack dab in the middle of Sin City.

Sucp_1103_01_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Sema_show_floor 2/103

Good, bad, or indifferent, the SEMA show is not open to the general public, but we were there in full force. We walked what seemed like miles of booths, scouring each one looking for the best products that will help you turn your Bow Tie into a super Chevy. With so many products to inspect, we were hard-pressed to just pick a few, so we decided to give you a nice round number of 101 to whet your gearhead whistle. The information is quick and dirty, but should be enough to let you decide if you want to investigate further by contacting the company directly. So grab a drink, sit back in your favorite chair, and enjoy Super Chevy's Top 101.

Premier Disc Brake Conversion Kits
ABS Power Brakes is now offering a really big brake kit with 14.5-inch front rotors and 13-inch rears for most GM muscle cars. The rotors are complemented by custom-designed and built, four piston monoblock, lightweight forged billet aluminum calipers. With each piston measuring 2-inches, these calipers combine to generate four times the braking force of standard GM calipers. Requires 19-inch or larger wheels.
ABS Power Brake, Inc.

Sucp_1103_02_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Premier_disc_brake_conversion_kit 3/103

GM HEI Corrected Distributor Cap
The ACCEL Corrected distributor cap reroutes the firing order inside the cap eliminating crossed spark plug wires for a clean, uncluttered engine compartment.

Sucp_1103_03_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gm_hei_distributor_cap 4/103

SS9 Modular Hood
The ACS hood for the '10-and-newer Camaro features a domed cowl higher than the original, and is available with a choice of three interchangeable hood inserts to modify the look in minutes. It includes a clear window, heat extractor, and carbon-fiber inserts.
ACS Composite-Advanced Composite Specialties

Sucp_1103_04_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ss9_modular_hood 5/103

Corvette Stealth Fuel System
Complete drop-in fuel pump assembly for '03-and-newer Corvette fuel tanks. This bad boy will support over 1,000 hp and incorporates the factory jet siphon system. It includes the pre-filter, bracket, and plumbing for a no-hassle install.
Aeromotive Inc.

Sucp_1103_05_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Corvette_stealth_fuel_system 6/103

2010-Up Camaro Strut
This high-performance strut from AFCO is built specifically for the fifth-generation Camaro. It features a high-pressure gas design with velocity sensitive valving for improved handling performance. Coil over compatible, this strut allows for ride height adjustment and corner weight control. AFCO also offers caster camber plates for correcting front-end geometry when lowering.

Sucp_1103_06_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Afco_camaro_strut 7/103

TXR Modular Composite Intake
This new composite two-piece manifold from Air Flow Research for the SBC runs 30 degrees cooler, is 10 pounds lighter, and adds 15 hp over aluminum. Single- and dual-plane center sections are available and can be swapped out without pulling the distributor or draining the coolant, as the valley area stays in place. It also has LS-style rubber gaskets for leak-free sealing.
Air Flow Research

Sucp_1103_07_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Txr_composite_intake 8/103

Comp Stick Kit 2010-Up Camaro
Add a touch of Hurst style and performance to your '10-and-newer Camaro's automatic transmission. This new Comp Stick not only replaces the shifter, but also the console cover and factory knob.
B&M Racing and Performance Products

Sucp_1103_08_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Comp_stick_kit_camaro 9/103

2010-up Camaro Intake System
Airaid Filter Company offers the MXP intake systems for the '10-and-newer Camaro V-6 and V-8 LS3/L99 engines. The company claims these intakes add an additional 16 hp and 13 lb-ft for the V-8 engine, and 11 hp and 14 lb-ft for the V-6. Each kit comes with all the necessary hardware, easy to follow instructions, and the company's "No-Hassle" Warranty.
Airaid Filter Company

Sucp_1103_10_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Airaid_camaro_intake 10/103

Classic Update Series Wiring Kit
The Classic Update series is a complete wiring system for the '62-67 Chevrolet Nova in a box. That means it includes everything you need to infuse your classic vehicle with modern wiring. In this kit you'll find headlight, dimmer and ignition switches, along with everything else needed.
American Autowire

Sucp_1103_11_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema American_autowire_nova_wiring_system 11/103

OE Synthetic Motor Oils
Since oil drain intervals for many of today's vehicles extend well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile recommendation, Amsoil has answered the call. Its new oil is formulated to provide better wear control as well as high and low temperature protection. There are 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 viscosities available.

Sucp_1103_12_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Amsoil_oe_synthetic_oil 12/103

ARP Ultra-Torque reduces preload scatter and eliminates the need to cycle high-performance fasteners. It delivers more consistent, repeatable fastener tension pre-loads for true torque settings.
ARP Inc.

Sucp_1103_13_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Arp_ultra_torque 13/103

Super Damper for 2010-Up Camaro V-6
ATI Super Damper for the new Camaro V-6 features a 10-percent underdrive accessory pulley to free up horsepower. It has an aluminum shell and pulley with steel hub, plus it accepts a six-bolt supercharger pulley made by LPE.
ATI Performance Products

Sucp_1103_14_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ati_super_damper 14/103

Prestige Series Gauges
New to Auto Meter's extensive lineup, these new gauges come in black or antique ivory, and feature hybrid spun metal dials with Hi-Def visibility and antique-style fully illuminated pointers. They come in two sizes: 3 3/8-inch for the tach and speedo, and 2 1/16-inch on all the others like oil, temp, and volts.
Auto Meter Products

Sucp_1103_15_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Autometer_prestige_series_gauge 15/103

Draft Billet steering Wheel
Billet Specialties Draft steering wheel is precision machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum, with either a polished or hard coat black anodized finish; features your choice of nine top-grain leather colors for the half wrap and your choice of rivet finish. Horn buttons also have multiple finish options for a truly customized look.
Billet Specialties Inc.

Sucp_1103_17_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Drag_billet_steering_wheel 16/103

EFR Line of Turbochargers
All EFR compressor covers have integrated CRV (compressor recirculation valve) ports and mounting. The CRV will allow users who need a blow-off valve to simply install a valve and a boost line. Creating the boost is a forged-aluminum, fully milled compressor wheel. The EFR line will be comprised of six billet compressor wheels ranging from 62mm to 91mm OD.
BorgWarner Turbo Systems

Sucp_1103_18_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Borg_warner_efr_turbo 17/103

g-Bar/g-Link Suspension
Chassisworks' g-Bar/g-Link systems for '64-72 Chevelles is an easy to install canted four-bar suspension set up that can be used with the stock rear end. The g-Bar system consists of three different combinations of upper and lower link bars, with your choice of coil-over shocks or air springs. These options create six different variations to better suit your performance needs.
Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Sucp_1103_19_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Chassisworks_gbar_glink_suspension 18/103

ProContact with EcoPlus Technology
Continental Tire's new ProContact is an all-season tire that was developed to enhance driving pleasure and save money. The tire provides improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and an 80,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, without sacrificing wet braking performance.
Continental Tire

Sucp_1103_20_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Continental_procontact_ 19/103

Composite Instrument Panels
Classic Dash showed off a new molded ABS composite dash panel that replaces the original panel for the '90-92 Camaros. This Classic Dash panel is available in three finishes: carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or black. All panels are offered in two forms: with or without gauge openings and with or without gauges.
Classic Dash

Sucp_1103_21_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Classic_dash_instrument_panel 20/103

Teak Steering Wheel Kit
The '63-66 Corvette teak steering wheel kit from Classic Industries is a quality reproduction of the original simulated teak plastic steering wheel. It includes the steering wheel, hub assembly, horn contact, and Bow Tie horn cap.
Classic Industries

Sucp_1103_22_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Classic_industries_steering_wheel_kit 21/103

Gauge Cluster
Classic Instruments just put the finishing touches on the company's new '63-65 Nova gauge cluster. It features an electronic speedometer, a tachometer, a quad gauge pack, turn and high beam indicators. It mounts directly into a stock bezel and even works with the stock 0-30 ohm fuel sending unit. Comes complete with all the necessary senders, wiring harness, and lens.
Classic Instruments Inc.

Sucp_1103_23_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Classic_instruments_gauge_cluster 22/103

Modular Power Steering Box
Classic Performance Products is keeping prices down by building these modular power steering boxes. This one is for '62-67 Novas, but with a change of the bracket it can fit other applications. It has a 14:1 ratio for good response without being twitchy.
Classic Performance Products

Sucp_1103_25_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Classic_performance_modular_power_steering_box 23/103

Big Tube Bender
Bending 3/8-inch OD tubing can be difficult with a lightweight handheld bender, particularly when bending stainless steel tubing. This husky Classic Tube swivel handle bender (PN3820) can be repositioned anytime during a bend, which makes compound bends a simple, easy process. This tool will bend from 1-degree up to a full 180-degrees.
Classic Tube

Sucp_1103_26_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Classic_tube_big_tube_bender 24/103

Muscle Car and Street Rod Oil
Comp Cams Muscle Car and Street Rod engine oil is formulated to provide protection and performance in engines that experience extended periods of storage. So now you won't have to worry about letting your pride and joy sit in the garage all winter.
Comp Cams

Sucp_1103_27_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Comp_cams_oil 25/103

The Secretaudio audio solution with handheld remote LCD display allows you to have modern audio capabilities without cutting up your dash. The system features an AM/FM radio with USB/iPod control, Sirius-XM satellite input, and remote CD changer control.
Custom Autosound Manufacturing Inc.

Sucp_1103_30_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Custom_audiosound_secretaudio 26/103

Smoothie Bumper
Starting with new class A tooling, then using top-quality steel and ending with the best quality American plating, these '57 one-piece smoothie bumpers are a true work of art. The bullet guards have been removed to give it a true smoothie look. A custom-style grille is also available to go with the bumper.
Danchuk Manufacturing

Sucp_1103_31_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Danchuk_smoothie_bumper 27/103

Chevy II Front Subframe
Detroit Speed's front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock unit on the '62-67 Chevy II. It improves handling and ride quality by utilizing DSE's unique suspension geometry. The frame comes complete with tubular control arms, coilover shocks, springs, power rack, splined sway bar, and C6 Corvette uprights. Up to a 9-inch wide wheel can be used without modifications.
Detroit Speed, Inc.

Sucp_1103_32_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Detroit_speed_chevy_ii_front_subframe 28/103

LSX 440 CID rotating assembly
New from Eagle is the 440 ci rotating assembly for GM LSX standard deck height blocks. It features a 4.125-inch stroke 4340 forged steel crank, 4.125-inch bore forged Mahle pistons for use with any LS-based head, and 4340 steel H-beam rods.
Eagle Specialty Products

Sucp_1103_33_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Eagle_rod_lsx_440_cid_rotating_assembly 29/103

Hybrid Analog/Digital Instrument Systems
The VHX series from Dakota Digital combines benefits of digital and analog instrumentation, while still fitting into the stock instrument housings for Tri-Five Chevys. Once installed, the new cluster provides a wealth of features that can be read on the display window, and also has lit needles and backlit faces.
Dakota Digital Inc.

Sucp_1103_34_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Dakota_digital_insturment_system 30/103

Delta Wing
Delta Tech Industries has launched its newly developed front grille insert for the '10-11 Camaro known as "Delta Wing." The unit is a plastic sculptured overlay with eight built-in high output LED lights to work in concert with the factory round headlight rings, providing daytime running lights function and style.
Delta Tech Industries

Sucp_1103_35_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Delta_tech_delta_wing 31/103

Six-Speed Shift Ball
Drake Muscle Cars adds classic style to the '10-11 Camaro interior with the Camaro script engraved on both sides of a resin knob. Designed from an OE-approved process to mold the shift pattern and stripes flush with the ball, it features an injected polyurethane core to attach like factory.
Drake Automotive Group

Sucp_1103_36_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Drake_muscle_cars_shift_ball 32/103

Billet Hood Hinges
These billet hood hinges for '61 Impalas are CNC-machined to perfection. They are made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and utilize sealed bearings for smooth and long lasting operation. Available in various finishes, polished is shown.
Eddie Motorsports, Inc.

Sucp_1103_38_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Eddie_motorsports_billet_hood_hinges 33/103

E-Street Crate Engines
Edelbrock announced three new E-Street crate engines. The heart of the 315 hp 370 lb-ft of torque performance is derived from the Edelbrock Total Power Package, including E-Street 185cc aluminum cylinder heads and Performer hydraulic camshaft. The E-Street crate engines are available in three levels: a base long-block, a complete carbureted assembly, and a complete EFI assembly.

Sucp_1103_39_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Edelbrock_e_street_crate_engines 34/103

2010-and-Up Camaro Bushings
For the fifth-generation Camaro, Energy Suspension has focused copious amounts of time and research determining the best possible solution to improving an already epic chassis design. The result is a safer, more track-friendly vehicle. Two options are available for the rear subframe.
Energy Suspension

Sucp_1103_40_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Energy_suspension_camaro_bushings 35/103

Retro-Fit Multi-Port Fuel Injection Kit
Multi-Port Retro-Fit EZ-EFI kits bring the award-winning, self-tuning fuel injection system to existing multi-port fuel-injected applications-including mid-'80s TPI engines. You get everything needed to complete the conversion so you can enjoy the new performance right away.

Sucp_1103_43_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fuel_air_spark_fuel_injection_kit 36/103

Short Shifter
Fidanza's '10-11 Camaro SS short shifter is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is made in the U.S.A. It includes bushings and installation instructions for smooth performance over the life of the product.
Fidanza Engineering Corp.

Sucp_1103_44_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fidanza_short_shifter 37/103

Radiator/Fan Combination
Flex-a-lite has introduced a new cross-flow radiator with patented Flex-a-fit side tank design for drop-in installation into '67-69 Camaros. The internal fins perform as heat sinks, which absorb heat quickly from the engine coolant, radiating it through external fins to dissipate heat twice as fast.
Flex-a-lite Consolidated

Sucp_1103_45_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flex_a_lite_radiator_fan_combo 38/103

2010-'11 Camaro SS Fluidampr
Fluidampr has a new underdrive balancer for the '10-11 V-8 Camaros. It features the factory six-rib pulley with a 25-percent underdrive.

Sucp_1103_46_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fluidampr_underdrive_balancer 39/103

Billet LED indicator lights
Fesler Billet's '69 Camaro indicator lights with custom LED boards and housing are designed to replace the original stock components. The new indicator lights are made from T-6061 billet aluminum and come in seven different finishes. The custom LED's offer more than stock options and are capable of parking (center amber), driving (center white) and indicating functions (amber ring).
Fesler Billet

Sucp_1103_47_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Fesler_billet_camaro_indicator_lights 40/103

Power Rack-and-Pinion Cradle
Flaming River's '64-67 Chevelle Rack-and-Pinion Cradle kit uses a travel bar design to stabilize and properly position the steering pivot points to the original location, and deliver original turning radius. Kit also includes a sway bar for improved handling and performance on curves.
Flaming River Industries Inc.

Sucp_1103_48_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flaming_river_chevelle_rack_and_pinion 41/103

Performance Mufflers
Hushpower dBX mufflers utilize technology drawn from both the Hushpower2 and Pro series lines to provide maximum performance and deep smooth sound quality. These mufflers feature a 409S stainless steel core and a semi-polished 304S stainless steel outer shell.
Flowmaster Inc

Sucp_1103_49_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Flowmaster_hushpower_dbx_muffler 42/103

Lenco Overdrive
Gear Vendors, in collaboration with Lenco, brings overdrive to the renowned four- and five-lever Lenco racing transmissions. This is great news for those 6- and 7-second cars looking to compete in events like True Street or do any street driving.
Gear Vendors Overdrive

Sucp_1103_51_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gear_vendors_lenco_overdrive 43/103

Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
Dual Extreme Sport's exhaust system for the '10-and-newer Camaros give that racetrack sound and maximum performance. Its uses the cats as the only sound suppression and comes in heavy duty aluminized and high quality stainless steel.
Gibson Performance Exhaust

Sucp_1103_52_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gibson_performance_exhaust_system 44/103

More E-Rod News
There were two big newsworthy things at the GM Performance Parts booth. First is the LS3 E-Rod crate engine now meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) aftermarket requirements, and carries EO number D-126-30. That makes it a perfect fit into your '95-and-earlier OBD-1 model vehicles while retaining emissions-compliance. The other thing was that the supercharged LSA engine is the newest to get the E-Rod packaging treatment.
GM Performance Parts

Sucp_1103_53_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Gm_performance_parts_ls3_e_rod 45/103

Camaro Body
How about authentic 1967-'69 Camaro bodies from Goodmark? They come with original VIN/ registration, and all sheetmetal except for the cowl panel and pillars have been replaced using Goodmark Parts.
Goodmark Industries Inc.

Sucp_1103_56_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Goodmark_camaro_bodies 46/103

2010-'11 Camaro Lowering Kit
Ground Force now offers a 1-inch lowering kit for the '10-11 SS Camaros. The kit was designed to improve the handling of the car without compromising the OE ride quality.
Ground Force

Sucp_1103_57_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ground_force_camaro_lowering_springs 47/103

Block-Hugger Hedders
These Hedman Block Hugger Hedders are the essential exhaust component when installing a classic 348/409 engine into your muscle car or street rod application. They are offered coated or uncoated and come with all the necessary hardware and gaskets.
Hedman Performance

Sucp_1103_58_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Heman_block_hugger_hedders 48/103

Hi-Ram Modular Intake Manifold System
Holley LS3/L92 Hi-Ram Modular Intake Manifold System provides a max-performance, cost-effective alternative to fabricated manifolds on popular LS engine applications. Tops are available for single or dual carbs, EFI, or plain for you to cut your own configuration.
Holley Performance Products

Sucp_1103_59_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Holley_performance_intake_manifold_system 49/103

Revolution Wheel
Grant starts with the OEM factory core and then works some magic to give your new airbag-equipped Camaro steering wheel a safe, legal, and much-needed functionality upgrade. Simply reinstall your factory airbag along with any of your original factory switches (if equipped) into the Grant Revolution wheel. This is for automatic cars only, and will not work on stick-shift models.
Grant Products

Sucp_1103_60_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Grant_revolution_wheel 50/103

Street Rotors
Hawk Performance Quiet Slot rotors are cast from a proprietary formulation of alloys to increase braking performance. The rotors feature a unique slot design specifically engineered to shorten your vehicles stopping distance.
Hawk Performance

Sucp_1103_61_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hawk_street_rotors 51/103

Pro Touring Rear Sway Bar
Hellwig Motorsports tubular sway bars utilize high-strength, tubular DOM steel to maximize performance but with up to half the weight of a solid bar. All bends are done on computer-controlled benders, and the ends are radiused for better clearance and a clean appearance. This 1-inch bar is made for the GM G-body platform, and has three different hole positions for roll stiffness adjustment.
Hellwig Products Co.

Sucp_1103_62_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hellwig_pro_touring_rear_swap_bar 52/103

Complete Subframe Assembly
The new Hotchkis bolt-in subframe system combines sport springs, sway bars, and chassis max subframe brace for perfect balance, handling and control. The track-tested bolt-in subframe system arrives on a pallet ready to bolt into your '67-69 Camaro and '68-'74 Nova. Every subframe system is assembled by hand using the highest quality domestic hardware.
Hotchkis Performance

Sucp_1103_64_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Hotchkis_subframe_system 53/103

Keyless Ignition System
ididit is your key to keyless with the company's newest product, the Keyless Push Button ignition system. It includes two key fobs and one compact control box with 10-foot range ability. The key fob has automatic and manual security ability.
ididit Inc.

Sucp_1103_65_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ididit_keyless_push_button 54/103

Air Filter
This stock replacement air filter for '08-and-newer Corvettes from K&N features a reversed sealing surface for maximized airflow and surface area. The filter is washable and reusable with a 1,000,000-mile warranty and includes mounting brackets.
K&N Engineering Inc.

Sucp_1103_66_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Kn_air_filter_corvette 55/103

Musclecar Drop Spindle Set
Here's a 2-inch drop spindle set for '67-69 Camaros and '68-72 Chevelles. This forged steel spindle is built as a direct factory replacement and has a modular design to accept many brake upgrades.
KW Automotive North America

Sucp_1103_69_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Kw_drop_spindle_set 56/103

Drive-by-Wire Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
Lokar partnered with Williams Controls in developing the first programmable electronic drive-by-wire throttle pedal for the automotive aftermarket. This throttle pedal is three times faster than the OE pedals and also looks much better.
Lokar Performance Products

Sucp_1103_70_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Lokar_drive_by_wire_ect 57/103

Serpentine System
This billet aluminum LS Protrack serpentine system for LS-based motors is the newest thing to come out of the March Performance camp. It is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, features an OEM-style tensioner to ensure perfect belt tension, and a canister-style power steering pump. It comes in either black or chrome, with all the needed accessories.
March Performance Inc.

Sucp_1103_71_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema March_performance_serpentine_system 58/103

'60s Muscle Gauge Set
Marshall Instruments brings you retro, muscle-car-era-themed gauges with period look and modern technology. There are three different silk screens available in two different sizes with through the dial lighting and lit pointers. All the traditional gauges are covered like speedo, tach, fuel, volts, and so on.
Marshall Instruments

Sucp_1103_72_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Marshall_instruments_muscle_gauge_set 59/103

Door Panels
New from Legendary are these '66 Chevelle door panels with the correct three-dimensional filler board construction, heat-sealed madrid grain vinyl upper, crushed ice grain lower and pebble grain textured chrome accent. This door panel is available in all the original factory colors and grains.
Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.

Sucp_1103_73_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Legendary_chevelle_door_panels 60/103

Glasspack Mufflers
With 100-percent aluminized steel construction, these glasspack mufflers from Magnaflow have a non-fiberglass acoustic packing material and a straight-through performance design. They are precision robotic CNC welded in the USA, and come in three different lengths.
MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust

Sucp_1103_74_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Magnaflow_glasspack_muffler 61/103

Nova Taillight
This '66-67 Nova taillight is from Marquez Designs. It is 3D machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and comes as you see here with LED lighting. For a more traditional look, you can purchase a lens that has the clear reverse light area.
Marquez Design

Sucp_1103_75_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Marquez_design_taillight 62/103

LS Oil Pan
If you are putting an LS into your muscle car, you'll want to check into this conversion pan from Mast Motorsports. This pan features a thick cast pan rail that maintains the pan as a stressed member, and its cored and baffled for excellent oil control. It uses production gaskets and can be used with GM oil filters.
Mast Motorsports

Sucp_1103_77_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mast_motorsports_ls_oil_pan 63/103

Custom Core Support
Mattson's has got the Tri-Fives covered with the company's custom aluminum core support. This made-in-the-USA product fits into the stock V-8 core support and can be ordered for a stock radiator or a cross flow design. The panels don't have any holes in them for a clean custom look. Mattson's also offers radiators and fans for a one stop shopping experience.
Mattson's Custom Radiator

Sucp_1103_78_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mattson_tri_fives_core_support 64/103

Rear Disc Brake Conversion
MBM now offers a rear disc brake conversion kit for 9-inch rear ends. The kit comes with everything you need to put better binders on your drum brake 9-inch, including the parking brake cables.

Sucp_1103_79_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mbm_rear_disc_brake_conversion 65/103

Keeping hands safe and clean for years, Mechanix Wear has made improvements to some of its original gloves. The updated M-Pact features a molded finger and knuckle design, and a padded index finger for increased dexterity.
Mechanix Wear 800/222-4296

Sucp_1103_82_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mechanix_gloves 66/103

Electric Water Pump
Performance gains and good looks can be had for the '10-and-newer Camaro with Meziere's electric water pump. The company claims you get low speed cooling improvements and 11-14 top end horsepower. The pump is backed by a two-year warranty.
Meziere Enterprises Inc.

Sucp_1103_83_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Meziere_electric_water_pump 67/103

Remote Water Pump Adapter Kit
New from Moroso is this remote water pump adapter kit for GM LS series engines. It will free up space and allows the use of cost-effective remote electric water pumps. Includes billet aluminum adapter blocks, fasteners, o-rings and -12AN fittings.
Moroso Performance Products

Sucp_1103_84_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Moroso_remote_water_pump_adapter_kit 68/103

Chevy To T56 Bellhousing
Mr. Gasket now has a bellhousing in the Quicktime line that allows you to mount up a T56 transmission to a big- or small-block engine. What makes it unique is this bell allows you to use a mechanical clutch linkage and throw out bearing.
Mr. Gasket/Prestolite Performance

Sucp_1103_85_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mr_gasket_chevy_to_t56_bellhousing 69/103

DA Microfiber Correction System
Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System is a unique, purpose-engineered system of new technology, microfiber pads, and liquids for optimal results. The heart of the system is the dual-action polisher that features a low-risk, dual-action rotation and orbit pattern with an 1800-to-6800-opm (oscillations per minute) adjustable speed range.
Meguiar's Inc

Sucp_1103_86_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Meguiars_da_microfiber_correction_system 70/103

Street Radials
Mickey Thompson has just added new 19- and 20-inch sizes to the ET Street Radial II line, perfect for new American Muscle car applications like the fifth-gen F-body. New sizes include P305/35R19 and P305/35R20.
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels

Sucp_1103_87_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mickey_thompson_street_radials 71/103

Rubber Remover
Now you can easily remove the racing evidence from the rear quarters. Mothers' R3 Racing Rubber Remover is a pro-strength cleaner that safely removes rubber scuffmarks and road grime from paint, glass, and vinyl wrap surfaces.
Mothers Polishes

Sucp_1103_88_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Mothers_rubber_remover 72/103

Digital 6A and 6AL
MSD has done the unthinkable and updated the 6A/6AL ignition boxes to digital units. The new version is more efficient and more powerful thanks to the modern circuitry. A sleek housing provides a modern look and now features a plug-in harness.
MSD Ignition

Sucp_1103_90_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Msd_digital_6a 73/103

Direct Port Nitrous Systems
Nitrous Express introduces MainLine nitrous systems at a price even the most budget-restricted racer can afford. Includes jetting for 100-, 200-, 300- and 400hp. It includes stainless steel bottle brackets, NX Piranha nozzles, aircraft quality steel braided hoses, 12-ft stainless steel braided D-6 feedline, and nickel-plated fittings.
Nitrous Express

Sucp_1103_91_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Nitrous_express_direct_port 74/103

D.O.T. Compliant Competition Drag Radial
Nitto Tire brought its D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial, the NT05R. The dual-purpose sidewall construction is enhanced for traction during launch as well as straight-line stability at the top-end. This improves consistency and controllability throughout the entire pass. The NT05 has been out for a while, but now Nitto offers it in a massively wide 345/30R19.
Nitto Tire

Sucp_1103_92_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Nitto_nt05r 75/103

A/C Hose Kit
New from Old Air Products is this A/C hose set built specifically for the '69 Camaro. It includes suction and discharge hose assemblies, liquid line, and O-ring seals.
Old Air Products

Sucp_1103_94_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Old_air_products_ac_hose_set 76/103

Side Pipes
Let your Corvette rumble with the header and sidepipe set up from Pertronix. The 16-gauge headers are available for big- and small-blocks that hook up to the awesome sidepipes. There are three finishes available including chrome, black, and ceramic.
Pertronix Performance Products

Sucp_1103_95_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Pertronix_side_pipes 77/103

Engine Mounts
Looking for a stronger motor mount for your fifth-gen Camaro? Then check out these from Prothane. The billet and urethane mounts are designed to limit travel, reduce the chance of breakage, and put the power to the wheels.
Prothane Products

Sucp_1103_96_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Prothane_engine_mounts 78/103

Styling Kit
Retro USA helps you add some old-school styling to your new Camaro with the company's retro-styling kit. You get hood vents, quarter moldings, rocker moldings and front and rear bumpers.
Retro USA Inc.

Sucp_1103_97_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Retro_usa_styling_kit 79/103

Bed Stainless
For all you owners of the last El Camino Chevy made, Original Parts Group (OPG) has your back. Years in the making, it now carries the '78-87 bedrail trim kit. Now you can freshen up the back of your Elco without tons of searching and work.
Original Parts Group

Sucp_1103_98_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Opgi_bedrail_trim_kit 80/103

Intercooled Supercharger
ProCharger's new intercooled Stage II centrifugal supercharger system for '11 LS-powered Camaros, produces 185-plus additional horsepower at only 7 psi boost. The kit comes with all components needed for quick and complete installation.

Sucp_1103_99_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Procharger_stage_ii_supercharger 81/103

Pre-Assembled Bucket Seat
For all of you not up to the task of installing foam and seat covers, you will love these pre-assembled '69-'72 GM A-body bucket seats. They include new tracks, new frames, new PUI foam, new PUI upholstery, all-new hardware, and emblems. These have got to be the first original replacement plug-and-play seats.
Parts Unlimited Inc.

Sucp_1103_100_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Parts_unlimited_bucket_seat 82/103

Fuel Injection Harness
Painless takes the pain out of dropping in a '07-'10 GM 4.8, 5.3, or 6.2L engine with 4L60-85E transmission into your classic. The harness makes it simple and supports Active Fuel Management and VVT engines.
Painless Performance Products
800/423 9696

Sucp_1103_102_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Painless_fuel_injection_harness 83/103

Turnkey EFI Kit
This kit includes everything you need to convert from a carb to a modern EFI system. Its ECU can be operated in a self-mapping mode to cut down on set-up time, or manual-mapping for those people who want a specific tune.
Procomp Electronics

Sucp_1103_103_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Procomp_turnkey_efi_kit 84/103

Wireless Remote Shock Adjust System
QA1 now provides users the ability to tune their QA1 adjustable shock absorbers via a wireless remote control from inside the vehicle. Now you can tweak your shock valving on the fly for improved handling in current conditions. No hardwiring to the cockpit is needed. Old QA1 shocks can be retrofitted with the system for a fee.
QA1 Motorsports

Sucp_1103_104_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Qa1_wireless_remote_shock_adjust_system 85/103

Impact Forged Coilover Shock
Ridetech's Impact Forged Gas Monotube Coilover is claimed to be the company's finest shock package ever. Fine thread pinch clamp adjuster, internal bump stop, dual shaft/dust seals, and rebound adjustable are just a few of its many features. The CNC cold-wound high tensile steel springs provide more travel and better ride quality.

Sucp_1103_105_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ridetech_coilover_shock 86/103

Five-Spoke Wheel
SLP's 20-inch wheels feature gloss-black painted spokes with a machined spoke face. These lightweight 20x8 front and 20x9 rear wheels provide the same offset and width as the factory wheels, and can be remounted and balanced with the 245/45/ZR20 and 275/40/ZR20 tires equipped from the factory.
SLP Performance Parts

Sucp_1103_106_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Slp_five_spoke_wheels 87/103

Door Panels
Spectre ProFab Fabricated aluminum door panels are available for '67-81 Camaro, '64-72 Chevelle and '70-72 El Caminos. They are made in America and will give your ride that racecar look without all the expensive bead rolling tools.
Spectre Performance

Sucp_1103_107_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Spectre_pro_fab_door_panels 88/103

Gasser Wheel
Rocket Racing Wheels Rocket Launcher rim preserves the original nostalgia gasser design. Its available in polished, painted, and as cast in 15-inch diameters.
Rocket Racing Wheels

Sucp_1103_108_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Rocket_racing_wheels_launcher 89/103

Weather Stripping
Soffseal is proud to introduce '93-'02 Camaro and Firebird weatherstripping for coupe, convertible and T-top cars. Now you can stay nice and dry when it rains, and not be annoyed by whistling air leaking into the car.
SoffSeal Inc.

Sucp_1103_109_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Soffseal_weather_stripping 90/103

Front Brake Kit
The Supertwin front brake kit from Stainless Steel Brake Corp (SSBC) is offered for most muscle cars. It consists of two-piston aluminum calipers with stainless steel pistons, 13-inch cross drilled, slotted, plated rotors, and all necessary installation hardware. It bolts to drum or disc spindles.
Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.

Sucp_1103_110_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Ssbc_front_brake_kit 91/103

Complete Chassis
The Schwartz Performance chassis is designed for optimum handling while maintaining excellent ride quality. It uses racing-style components for maximum strength and performance. The stock GM A-Body chassis have over 200 percent more torsional flex than this chassis, and it installs without floor pan cutting.
Schwartz Performance Inc.

Sucp_1103_112_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Schwartz_performance_chassis 92/103

High-Torque Starter
Lose some weight and gain 40- to 50-percent more cranking power with this high-torque LS starter from Proform Parts. Designed to fit the LS1, LS2, LS6, and LS7 engines, this 100-percent new starter is approved by all leading sanctioning organizations for competition.
Specialty Auto Parts

Sucp_1103_113_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Proform_parts_ls_starter 93/103

Detailing Products
The Works by Surf City Garage makes it easy to grab just the right stuff for keeping your ride nice and clean. The Works comes with Pacific Blue Wash and Wax, Dash Away Interior Spray, Clearly Better Glass Cleaner, and Speed Demon Wax Detailer all in one box.
Surf City Garage

Sucp_1103_114_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Surf_city_garage_detailing_products 94/103

Six-Speed Transmission
Manually shift through six gears or enjoy automatic cruising while the 6x Six-Speed Transmission from TCI delivers improved performance, enhanced fuel efficiency, and a superior driving experience. Now the 6X is offered with an SFI approved bellhousing.
Comp Performance Group

Sucp_1103_115_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Tci_auto_six_speed_transmission 95/103

Type II Power Steering Pump
Tuff Stuff has added the Type II power steering pump to its full line of chrome parts. Now you can add some more shine to your front drive accessories.
Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories Ltd.

Sucp_1103_116_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Tuff_stuff_power_steering_pump 96/103

Rear Disc with Parking Brake Kit
DynaPro 11-inch internal drum E-brake rear kits are perfect for enthusiasts who have vehicles that are running smaller diameter rear wheel sizes. The brake kit features Wilwood's special internal drum parking brake design that allows an efficient parking brake system that is easy to install, and a snap to hook into the stock parking brake cable system.
Wilwood Engineering

Sucp_1103_117_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Wilwood_dynapro 97/103

Door Panels
These '69 Platinum Camaro door panels from TMI Products feature OE match materials and construction, All OE colors are available, as well as custom colors. The panels come fully assembled and ready to install.
TMI Products Inc.

Sucp_1103_118_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Tmi_products_platinum_camaro 98/103

Vette Rack
Unisteer was proud to unveil the bolt-in rack-and-pinion setup for '58-'82 Corvettes utilizing factory or aftermarket columns. Small- and big-block applications are available.
Unisteer Performance Products

Sucp_1103_119_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Unisteer_bette_rack 99/103

Perimeter Plate Nitrous System
ZEX LSX Perimeter Plate Nitrous System with Cryo-Sync technology offers a consistent distribution of nitrous and a simple bolt-on upgrade that is tunable from 75-300 hp.
COMP Performance Group

Sucp_1103_120_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Zex_lsx_perimeter_plate 100/103

L92 and LS3 Heads
The new Trick Flow GenX 255 heads for GM L92/LS3 enignes feature a straighter port design compared to OE for improved flow and velocity, 100-percent CNC-ports, 12-degree valve angles, 2.100 int/1.600 exhaust SS valves, and flow 357cfm@.600 lift. They come assembled and can support up to 650-700hp naturally aspirated. These heads will also bolt to the iron 6.0L block.
Trick Flow Specialties

Sucp_1103_121_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Trick_flow_genx_255_heads 101/103

The new Lysholm 2300 supercharger system from Vortech develops up to 620 horsepower for the '10-11 Camaro SS. The Lysholm twin-screw design has a cast aluminum air inlet manifold, six-rib pulley, and features an integrated bypass valve and actuator.
Vortech Engineering

Sucp_1103_122_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Vortech_supercharger 102/103

Double adjustable struts
New from Strange Engineering are these double adjustable struts for the 1982-'92 F-Bodies. The wide range of valving can be used to control weight transfer at launch and ride quality down track. The ability to have the struts re-valved by Strange Engineering can also accommodate applications that need stiffer or softer valving than what comes stock.
Strange Engineering

Sucp_1103_123_o Top_101_chevrolet_products_for_2011_from_sema Strange_engineering_adjustable_struts 103/103



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