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Super Chevy Parts - Parts Bin

Feb 1, 2011
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Bangin' gears
TCI engineers have developed the new Fast Gate shifter, which is universal in design, allowing it to be used in virtually any three- or four-speed application (street or race). The shifter features precision, laser-cut components to ensure smooth, accurate movements when shifting, and the reverse lockout mechanism eliminates the chance of transmission damage from accidentally shifting into reverse. It also includes an injection molded cover, cable and all required hardware for a simple installation, so there is no need to for extra accessory pieces.


Sucp_1102_02_o Super_chevy_parts Tci_fast_gate_shifter 2/6

Solid foundation
Hotchkis Performance now offers a complete, pre-assembled, and track-tested bolt-in subframe system for the '67-69 Camaro and '68-74 Nova. The subframe features factory-style construction, but has been reinforced for strength and to provide a solid jack point on the lower crossmember. Attached to it is a complete Hotchkis suspension system, including tubular upper and lower control arms, 2- or 3-inch drop sport coil springs, a Hotchkis 11/8-inch tubular front sway bar, Hotchkis premium steering kit, Hotchkis heavy duty tie rod sleeves, a new powdercoated centerlink, pitman arm, new stock style spindles, a GM 500-series 14:1 ratio steering box and Hotchkis HPS1000 Bilstein shocks. Hotchkis handle bar chassis braces are optional.

Hotchkis Performance

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Feed The fire
Here is a low cost way to increase the fuel pump performance on the '10-up Camaro with the 6.2L engine, eliminating the need for expensive fuel lines and pump upgrades. The easy-to-install billet aluminum Boost-A-Pump from Kenne Bell only activates when the engine is in boost (supercharger or turbo) or at wide-open throttle in a naturally aspirated set up. This prevents the pump from running at 100-percent all of the time and heating the fuel at idle and cruising speeds. It is compatible with the stock fuel system and is also used on all Kenne Bell supercharger kits. The Boost- A-Pump regulates pump voltage within 1 percent to stabilize fuel delivery.

Kenne Bell

Sucp_1102_05_o Super_chevy_parts Kenne_bell_boost_a_pump 4/6

Old School For The New School
Wheel Vintiques Inc. introduces a new 20-inch billet Rally specifically built for the new Camaro. Available in widths ranging from 8 to 9.5 inches, with standard or custom offsets, it will fit all factory brakes and even the massive Baer aftermarket systems. The wheel accepts all Rally-style hubcaps, and is available fully polished.

Wheel Vintiques Inc.

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Head games
Mast Motorsports recently acquired Performance Induction Specialties, a state-of-the-art manufacturer of cylinder heads and intake manifolds. The acquisition will enable Mast Motorsports to be an even bigger player in the LS cylinder head and induction marketplace by adding 14 different cylinder heads from LS1 / LS2 cathedral port, LS3 and LS7 ports, to raised runner race ports in 3.9, 4.0, 4.07 and 4.1 bore sizes and a full line of 2-piece, fully ported, CNC race intake manifolds with carbureted or fuel injection options. In addition to Mast's current LS3 and LS7 cylinder head products, it will introduce cathedral port LS cylinder heads in small, medium and large bore sizes; inline and splayed valve racing LS heads and the innovative canted valve Mozez LS cylinder heads which will support over 1,000 hp naturally aspirated.

Mast Motorsports

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