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Super Chevy Parts - Parts Bin

Dec 1, 2010

The Wheel Deal
Billet Specialties all new Mag wheel reinvents the classic five-spoke. The Mag features a precision cast center, bolt on center cap and is available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters. Each wheel is built to customer specs at no extra charge. Available bolt patterns include the popular Chevy and Ford (for you Mustang II/9-inch guys) applications of 5 on 4.5, 5 on 4.75, and 5 on 5.

Sucp_1012_04 Super_chevy_parts Billet_specialties 2/7

Billet Specialties Inc.

Break In Oil
Engineers at Comp Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants have expanded their line of automotive lubricants to include 15W50, as well as the original 10W30, weight oils. Both popular weights are ZDDP-fortified to provide maximum protection during initial break-in. Heavily tested by the Comp R&D team, these lubricants improve the surface mating of valvetrain components (especially flat tappets), rotating assembly, rod journals, piston rings, valve guides and other vital areas of the engine. The proprietary formulas of both the 15W50 and 10W30 oils include optimum amounts of critical additives ZDDP (Zinc & Phosphorus), Molybdenum, detergents and high-grade base oil.

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Comp Cams

Mouse Motor Top-End Kits
Summit Racing now offers complete top-end kits for pre-'86 small-block Chevys to take out the guess work in choosing components. Available in two versions, a 355hp/400 lb-ft kit and 375hp/400 lb-ft kit. The Street/Strip top-end engine kits feature a pair of fully assembled Summit Racing Street/Strip aluminum cylinder heads (62cc chambers, 170cc intake/69cc exhaust) matched up with a Summit Racing Street/Strip aluminum intake manifold and a Summit Racing hydraulic cam and lifter kit. You also get a Summit Racing timing chain set and cam locking plate, a complete set of Trick Flow gaskets, a Trick Flow pushrod checker, and hardware from Summit Racing and GM Performance.

Sucp_1012_03 Super_chevy_parts Summit_racing 4/7

Summit Racing

Sound Off
Edelbrock announces the release of bolt-on exhaust system components, including headers and X-shaped crossover pipe, for '10 Camaro SS. Together, these components will improve the already powerful Camaro SS exhaust flow and performance sound. Edelbrock shorty headers are made in the USA from 17-gauge 409 stainless steel and feature heavy-duty 3/8-inch laser cut port flanges for durability and optimal sealing. An improved free flowing mandrel bent design provides better performance. They are 50-state street legal direct bolt-on replacements for OEM exhausts manifolds and are available in a durable Ti-Tech coating (pn 65713) or ceramic coating (pn 65712). The X-pipe assembly (not shown) is designed to replace the restrictive OEM resonator system, allowing for balanced flow and an aggressive exhaust tone. It's also manufactured in the USA from 2.5-inch diameter 409 stainless steel and has the Ti-Tech coating for durability and great looks.

Sucp_1012_06 Super_chevy_parts Edelbrock 5/7


Sweet Dials
Dakota Digital is proud to unveil its VHX series of instrumentation. Offering lighted needles, backlit faces, solid-state sensors, precision stepper motors and full character message centers for all displays, the VHX series provides a fresh approach to outfitting a custom vehicle. The VHX series is engineered to accept future plug-in expansion modules, allowing nearly any type or amount of vehicle data to be shown within the message centers.

Sucp_1012_02 Super_chevy_parts Dakota_digital 6/7

The '67-68 model attaches directly into the stock instrument pod, while the '69 model includes a reproduction dash carrier. Both utilize either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness, in addition to compatibility with a stock, modified or a late model drivetrain. Systems available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon fiber styled face.

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Dakota Digital



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