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A High-Flow Body
If you have an '86-'95 car or '86-'00 truck and you want more performance out of your throttle body, then check out what R.V. Morse Machine has to offer. The company can take your OE throttle body and do a little magic on it to increase airflow up to 15 percent, improving low-end and midrange power.

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Preparation of the high-flow throttle bodies is a multistep process that includes boring, custom-fit CAD throttle blades, reducing shaft profile, installing button head screws, milling topside, and tumble polishing. In a company test they experience up to a 0.2-second improvement in eighth-mile e.t.'s.

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R.V. Morse Machine

Super Dampers
ATI Performance Products introduces its Super Damper line for the 2010-up V-6 Camaro. The 2010-up six-groove pulleys are available with 25 percent (918638) and 10 percent (918637) underdrive or an OEM replacement size (918636). The Super Damper has a thicker wall rear hub to prevent failures from added horsepower, and will include a new long life front seal and seal installation tool. These dampers also include provisions to bolt on supercharger crank pulleys. All three dampers come with laser-etched timing marks and exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification.

ATI Performance Products




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