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Super Chevy Parts - Parts Bin

Sep 1, 2010

Sweet Rollers
Boze Alloys has a fresh, new design for your ride, the ZE Forged Autocross wheel. This five-spoke style has an accent groove in each spoke, which can be painted in a variety of colors. Also, the center and rim areas can be finished in high polish or brush satin texture. The Autocross is available in both two-piece and three-piece construction to accommodate large brake kits. Boze offers special custom fitments in diameter sizes 17 to 24 inches and widths from 7 to 15 inches to fit performance vehicles. All wheels are custom built from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy and are made in the USA.

Sucp_1009_01 Super_chevy_parts Boze_alloys 2/9

Boze Alloys

Take Control
The E­-Transcontrol makes adding a four-speed 4L60E or 4L80E GM transmission to your project much easier than before. It provides full manual shifting and with on-the-fly adjustable line pressure you can adjust the shift pressure to your desired firmness while driving. Primary line pressure is regulated with a standard GM 1 bar MAP or TPS sensor and then trimmed to your liking with the knob at the shifter. No programming or PC computer connection is needed. The package includes a 2-inch digital display for visible gear selection, line pressure, and TCC status. The controller can be coupled with a B&M Megashifter for full manual ratchet shifting.

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A Tighter Box
Classic Performance Products' 500-series box for Nova, Camaro, or Chevelle is a quick upgrade for the factory power steering box or an easy way to upgrade from manual to power steering. All parts are new on CPP's box, not remanufactured. The 12.7:1 ratio adds a new dimension of steering feel to your car, smooth operation and excellent road feedback. It works with the factory power steering pitman arm and 3/4-30 rag joint. The box uses the popular 7/16 tube size (11/16-18 inverted flare) pressure and 3/8 tube size (5/8-18 inverted flare) return port fittings. It fits '64-'77 GM A-body, '67-'79 GM F-body, '68-'79 GM X-body, and '65-'79 GM B-body.

Sucp_1009_03 Super_chevy_parts Classic_performance_products 4/9

Classic Performance Products, Inc.

A High-Flow Body
If you have an '86-'95 car or '86-'00 truck and you want more performance out of your throttle body, then check out what R.V. Morse Machine has to offer. The company can take your OE throttle body and do a little magic on it to increase airflow up to 15 percent, improving low-end and midrange power.

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Preparation of the high-flow throttle bodies is a multistep process that includes boring, custom-fit CAD throttle blades, reducing shaft profile, installing button head screws, milling topside, and tumble polishing. In a company test they experience up to a 0.2-second improvement in eighth-mile e.t.'s.

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R.V. Morse Machine

Super Dampers
ATI Performance Products introduces its Super Damper line for the 2010-up V-6 Camaro. The 2010-up six-groove pulleys are available with 25 percent (918638) and 10 percent (918637) underdrive or an OEM replacement size (918636). The Super Damper has a thicker wall rear hub to prevent failures from added horsepower, and will include a new long life front seal and seal installation tool. These dampers also include provisions to bolt on supercharger crank pulleys. All three dampers come with laser-etched timing marks and exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification.

ATI Performance Products



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