SEMA 2010 New Parts - 25 Hottest New Parts For 2010

Some Of The Best Muscle Car Parts At Sema.

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Holley Performance Products announced the introduction of two new Street HP carburetors in 850 and 950 cfm sizes. They feature the popular Holley HP-series race-ready main body, but are calibrated for street/strip duty. The base plate has several vacuum ports to cover PCV, power brakes etc. Other features include mechanical secondaries, power valve blow out protection, non-stick gaskets, adjustable air bleeds, four corner idle system, and down leg boosters. Their larger cfm ratings make them a great fit for hot small-blocks as well as big-blocks.
Holley Performance Products

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While new Camaros are just hitting the dealership floors, Hurst has already developed a new short-throw Billet/Plus 2 shifter for both the V-6 and V-8 applications. They're simple to install with classic Hurst stick and round ball combination. The CNC-machined stainless steel stick assembly features a nylon-lined spherical pivot bearing for smooth operation.
Hurst Shifters

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Get original looks with better performance with this original look booster conversion kit from MBM Brakes. The kit comes with an 11-inch Delco-Moraine stamped single diaphragm booster, a GM restoration cast-iron master cylinder with casting numbers, prop valve and distribution block crafted to look like the original equipment and four lines to accommodate multiple setups. This kit is recommended for disc/drum or disc/disc systems.
MBM Brakes

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Celebrate four decades of ignition performance with MSD's 40th Anniversary ignition control. Only 4,000 units will be cast and will share the same proven performance of the popular 6AL Ignition stuffed into the classic case.
MSD Ignition

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Nitto Tire brought its all-new D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial, the NT05R to Vegas. The NT05R is Nitto's most aggressive drag radial designed for competition use. Nitto engineered an all-new specialized race compound and combined it with a large contact patch. The dual-purpose sidewall construction is enhanced for traction during launch as well as straight-line stability at the top-end. This improves consistency and controllability throughout the entire pass. The NT05 will be available in popular 17- to 20-inch rim diameters designed for high-performance drag racing vehicles.
Nitto Tire

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Now you can replace the beat-up lower stainless steel windshield molding on your '68-72 Chevelle/El Camino thanks to Original Parts Group. The OPG has implemented brand-new tooling to duplicate the factory molding, while remaining true to the manufacturing process used by GM.
Original Parts Group, Inc.

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