SEMA 2010 New Parts - 25 Hottest New Parts For 2010

Some Of The Best Muscle Car Parts At Sema.

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Comp Cams XFI SPR cams and Phaser Limiter kits modify GM VVT cam phasers to allow more aggressive cams for big gains in horsepower. Cam phasers are specially designed, computer-controlled cam gears that automatically optimize camshaft timing based on the current engine rpm. The kits restrict the range of cam timing movement to only 20 degrees, thus providing the necessary valve clearance for serious performance cams with tighter lobe separations.
Comp Performance Group

Sucp_1003_06 Sema_2010_new_parts Comp_cams_XFI_SPR_cam 2/28

This molded ABS gauge panel is made to replace the original gauge housing in '69 Chevelles and allow for a clean installation of performance gauges. The panel can be ordered empty or pre-loaded with Auto Meter gauges, sending units, a complete wiring harness to hook gauges to stock loom, turn signal and hi-beam indicators, and easy to follow step-by-step instruction booklet.
John Covan's Thunder Road

Sucp_1003_09 Sema_2010_new_parts Molded_ABS_gauge_panel 3/28

These taillight housing assemblies come with everything you need to completely refresh the back end on your '55 project. Danchuk spent a lot of time getting the tooling just right so these made-in-the-USA parts will fit just like factory.
Danchuk Manufacturing

Sucp_1003_13 Sema_2010_new_parts Danchuk_taillight_housing 4/28

Detroit Speed & Engineering had two cool things in Vegas, and when combined make for one killer '62-67 Chevy II. The Swivel Link rear suspension kit allows the suspension to fully articulate with smooth, solid motion and no binding. It also features DSE's exclusive four-link geometry design to achieve the best possible handling.

Sucp_1003_16 Sema_2010_new_parts Deep_tubs 5/28

The kit utilizes a panhard rod that provides precise and effective rear axle lateral location during hard cornering. The Deep Tubs are 2.5 inches wider than stock inner wheel housings designed to accommodate wider tire and wheel packages, 295mm for '62-65 and 315mm for the '66-67. They are stamped from 18-gauge steel and retain a stock appearance.
Detroit Speed, Inc.

Sucp_1003_17 Sema_2010_new_parts Swivel_link_rear_suspension 6/28

Take an already high performance street car to the next level with an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger. This kit is built around the Eaton TVS Rotors and is exclusively tailored for the '10 Camaro. The features of this kit are the 12-inch long intake runners for maximum low-end torque, 85mm throttle body, and 110 sq-in Intercooler. The system fits under the stock hood and is offered with an optional five-year/100,000 mile warranty. Edelbrock is still tweaking the tune on the Camaro, but this same system bolted to a LS3 Corvette produced 599hp.
Edelbrock Corp

Sucp_1003_10 Sema_2010_new_parts Edelbrock_e_force_supercharger 7/28

Flaming River's Front Steer power rack- and-pinion cradle kit for the '62-67 Chevy II allows use of virtually any oil pan. The system installs easily using simple hand tools, and provides full turning radius with a much more responsive steering system than the original. The front steer design is achieved by reversing the OE spindle arms. This moves the rack forward and out of the way of the oil pan as well as accommodating both big- and small-block engines.
Flaming River Industries Inc.

Sucp_1003_14 Sema_2010_new_parts Flaming_river_rack_and_pinion 8/28

Can you imagine adding an overdrive to your Richmond five-speed transmission? Well, Gear Vendors did and decided to make it a reality. Now you can and add a planetary overdrive for better performance and reduced engine wear while also increasing fuel mileage. The unit comes with all the necessary items to install along with complete instructions and a two-year unlimited mileage, horsepower, and abuse warranty.
Gear Vendors Overdrive

Sucp_1003_18 Sema_2010_new_parts Gear_vendor_overdrive 9/28


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