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Grant Peterson Feb 7, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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The absolute best and easiest way to install pistons into the cylinder bore is with one of these Tapered Ring Compressors. These tools gently squeeze the rings and funnel the piston into the bore without ring damage or breakage. Available in all popular sizes, these extra-tall aluminum ring compressors are hard-anodized for long life. Designed to work on blocks with studs, they also feature a handy finger registration groove.

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The Powerhouse Universal Cam Checker is a great tool for novice or pro engine builders. This tool slides into the lifter bore for a quick check of lobe lift or degreeing in your new camshaft. The tool is made of precision-machined, anodized aluminum, and uses non-marring Delrin expanding segments. It quickly adjusts to fit lifter bores ranging from 0.750 to 1.050 inches in diameter. Two tips are included for use with flat tappet or roller cams. A 0-1-inch dial indicator is included.

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The Powerhouse Compound Angle Piston Vise is by far the best buy on the market when you look at all the features offered versus their everyday low price. This vise locates and holds the piston by two wristpins. Once it's set up, you can just drop in the other pistons and go. It will even hold a piston upside down for balancing or lightening operations. The compound angle feature makes this vise truly unique. It not only rotates the piston from front to back, but also from side to side (necessary for Ford and big-block Chevy pistons). This blue-anodized beauty is rigid and repeatable.

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No more fumbling with cylinder heads while trying to do some bench work. Powerhouse's Peg-Style Head Holders are a great, low-cost way to suspend your cylinder heads above your workbench while performing port and polish work. The tapered pins slide into the cylinder head bolt holes so you can hold the head right-side up or upside down. Your life will never be the same.

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I know these aren't really engine building tools, but they sounded too cool to leave out. These new stainless steel cable ties are built to function in the harshest environments. Steel is stronger than nylon or plastic. So, it stands to reason that Powerhouse Products' new line of Stainless Steel Cable Ties are better for extreme conditions. With a tensile strength of 100 pounds, these ties can handle just about any application you can think of, and stay looking great through many years of service.

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Made from billet aluminum, this spring compressor is fully adjustable for different valve angles. Its heavy-duty construction allows it to be used on even the heaviest of spring pressures. The screw mechanism maintains position to easily remove or install the valve locks without fighting against the spring pressure.


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