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Performance Engine Building Tools From Powerhouse Products

Grant Peterson Feb 7, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Powerhouse Products has been known as the place to get purpose-built quality engine building tools. They have the kind that you can't get on your tool truck or from a nearby department store. All of Powerhouse's tools are specifically designed and built for one purpose-to work! That was exactly the premise upon which Patrick Utt started the business in 1988 after working for another tool company that had a fair amount of product, but he still saw a huge gap in the market. With a $10,000 loan, he started Powerhouse Products and set out to make all those now famous tools that people have been asking for all these years. The proof was in the pudding, and word spread like wild fire through the dragstrips and oval tracks. Powerhouse doubled its size within a year, developing such a reputation for that inventors and people who had the tool ideas or suggestions, but lacked the resources to have them made, would seek out Powerhouse to help produce them.

In 1995, COMP Cams approached Patrick about adding Powerhouse to their family of automotive companies, and a deal was made. Patrick stayed there for three more years before handing the reins completely over to COMP Cams. Since then, COMP has maintained Powerhouse's legacy, and continues to be a thriving and innovative tool brand. I called up Matt Patrick from Powerhouse and we chatted about the tool business for a while. That's when he brought the following tools to my attention; some are new, some you might not know about, but one thing's for sure: they will all make your job much easier. One thing that Matt also pointed out is their high-performance coating. They are tools that work for you inside your engine while it's running. Check them out and look for more to come from Powerhouse Products.

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When you don't need a full set of A/N wrenches, this handy Aluminum Crescent wrench is all you need. This neat tool will adjust from #3 A/N to #8 A/N. For those quick adjustments to your A/N fittings, this will be the one tool you will need to go with your A/N wrench set. Other sizes and colors are available.

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No more fumbling with hand crank ring grinders; it's time to step up your engine building to today's technology. Powerhouse's Electric Ring Filer will virtually pay for itself with the time you will save on file-fitting rings. It has a rechargeable, NiCad battery that provides convenient, portable filing for up to 200 rings when fully charged. This easy-to-use filer features a depth adjustment mic for 0.001-inch cutting increments, and an auto on/off feature for safety. The filer stores away neatly in a padded plastic case, and also includes extra grinding wheels, AC adapter, and necessary wrenches.

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Powerhouse now offers a Sportsman Crank Socket available for Chevrolet V-6, small-block V-8, and four-cylinder engines. These sockets slip onto the end of the crankshaft to allow a 1/2-inch drive ratchet or breaker bar to rotate the engine assembly. The hard-anodized aluminum construction promotes long life and low cost.

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Tired of the prehistoric valve lapping ritual? There is finally an answer to your prayers. This patented valve-lapping tool uses a vacuum-generating piston to create a suction that will not slip off the valve. It includes three interchangeable suction cups, allowing use on virtually any valve size. It also features a non-slip foam rubber grip that improves grip and comfort over the traditional "wooden stick" designs. The tool is made from machined aluminum, which will provide durability and value for years to come.

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This serious piece of equipment is designed for the shop that doesn't mess around. Their monstrous 16-inch Pro Degree Wheel is machined from 1/4-inch-thick aluminum plate, then blue-anodized, and meticulously engraved to perfection. The open design allows degree bushing changes while the wheel is still on the engine. The 1-inch center hole allows it to work with pro crank sockets or for use with the included reducer bushings along with your balancer bolt. The huge diameter means more accuracy.




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