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Dakota Wentz Jan 7, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Tavia Performance Products
Tavia Performance Products' (800/281-0767, Dept. SC, www.tavia.com) compact damper/gear puller bushings provide added protection to the internal thread on the crankshaft snout when using a puller to remove the damper or lower timing gear. Its dual-recessed design accommodates both flat-nosed and 90-degree pointed-end pullers. The puller is manufactured from alloy steel with a gold iridite corrosion-resistant finish.

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Total Seal
Total Seal (22642 N. 15th Ave., Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85027, 800/874-2753, www.totalseal.com) Quickseat Dry Film Powder is a powder that Total Seal has developed for quicker, more effective ring seating. It's used by spreading Quickseat on the cylinders and then assembling the engine as you usually would. In extensive dyno testing, the use of Quickseat in conjunction with Total Seal Gapless piston rings allowed for leakage rates to be 0-1 percent after about five minutes of break-in time on the engine.

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VHT (PJH Brands, 8747 E. Via de Commercio, Dept. SC, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, 480/991-3137, www.pj1.com) Engine Assembly Lube is a special blend of high-grade protective lubricants formulated to drastically reduce friction on internal engine components. This unique, extreme-pressure formula eliminates the damage caused by initial startup in new and rebuilt high-performance engines. This easy-to-use spray reaches difficult-to-coat areas. It is also excellent for transmission overhauls and bearing replacements.

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From Milodon (2250 Agate Ct., Dept SC, Simi Valley, CA 93065, 805/577-5950, www.milodon.com) comes the Crankshaft Socket. This crankshaft-rotating socket slips over the crank snout and enables the builder to rotate a complete engine for assembly with ease. The socket is CNC-machined and gold irridited, and only works when the dampener is removed.

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Manley Performance Products
Correct-length pushrods keep rockers centered on the valve tip and reduce stem and guide wear. That's why Manley Performance Products (1960 Swarthimore Ave., Dept. SC, Lakewood, NJ 08701, 732/905-3366, www.manleyperformance.com) developed this pushrod length checker. The checker instantly tells the engine builder what pushrod length is required.

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The Lakewood (Mr. Gasket, 10601 Memphis Ave. #12, Dept. SC, Cleveland, OH 44144, 216/688-8300, www.mrgasket.com) Moto-Lift Plate is designed to help remove and install V-type internal combustion engines. The compact precision tool allows for various weights to keep the engine balanced, and is fabricated from a heavy-gauge steel plate.

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Powerhouse Products
Powerhouse Products (800/872-7223, Dept. SC, www.powerhouseproducts.com) introduces their Pro Pushrod Length Checker. The checker works by installing the checker in place of a pushrod, and unscrewing it until the correct length and geometry is achieved. Correct length is measured by reading the height from the etched markings on the side of the tool, with each revolution equal to 0.050 inch.

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B&B Performance Products
B&B Performance Products (693 Cross St, Dept. SC, Lakewood, NJ 08701, 732/364- 6700, www.stefs.com) Dial Caliper with Gauge precisely measures bores to 0.0005 inch. The range capacity is 2-6 inches, which accommodates the full spectrum of performance engine assembly requirements, including rod and crank bearings and piston bores. The tool also has a 6-inch depth capacity that lets you check bore tapers. The tool includes 11 anvils, a dial indicator, and a case.


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