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Dakota Wentz Jan 7, 2006 0 Comment(s)

Let's take a few seconds here to think. If you played baseball, would you show up to a game without a set of cleats? If you went to the lake, would you forget the boat? No, of course not. Why, then, would you take on the task of building a motor for your ride without the proper tools? Although you may be able to assemble your engine without the proper tools, it's kind of like running bases wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. To aid in your quest to build the baddest, most efficient motor, we laid out a floor plan to introduce you to some of the various engine assembly tool manufacturers out there. Take a look.

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Mr. Gasket
Mr. Gasket (10601 Memphis Ave. #12, Dept. SC, Cleveland, OH 44144, www.mrgasket.com) Balancer Timing Tape is a convenient way to avoid the expense of having the harmonic balancer degreed. Mr. Gasket's precision-timing tapes are precisely accurate in calibration. They are designed for timing high-performance engines for increased performance and setting valve lash at the proper timing.

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Moroso (80 Carter Dr., Dept. SC, Guilford, CT 06437, 203/453-6571, www.moroso.com) offers this Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool. The 7/16-inch balancer install tool is heat-treated for strength and durability. It is CNC-machined, and provides a larger contact area to keep the harmonic balancer perpendicular with the centerline of the crankshaft for bind-free action. It comes with a black-oxide finish.

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Permatex (10 Columbus Blvd., Dept. SC, Hartford, CT 06106, 860/543-7500, www.permatex.com) Belt Dressing helps extend belt life. The dressing penetrates the cord fibers of V-belts to restore pliability and flexibility. It also prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust, and glazing, and helps eliminate squeaking and slipping.

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Pro Blend (800/331-9520, Dept SC, www.pro-blend.com) drag racing assembly lube helps eliminate galling, blueing, metal transfer, and oil starvation during break-in. It adheres to metal surfaces, will not drain off, and is designed to double valvespring life, stop cam and lifter failure, and stop pushrod tip wear.

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Proform (P.O. Box 306, Dept. SC, Roseville, MI 48066, 586/774-2500, www.proformparts.com) offers a heavy-duty Rod Splitting Fixture tool. The tool is designed to separate the cap from the rod without damage. It operates by simply loosening the rod nuts by a couple of turns, then placing the rod onto the splitting fixture, and pulling the handle. The tool is portable for use with your benchtop vise.

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SA Design Books
From SA Design Books (Available at Jeg's, 800/345-4545, Dept SC, www.jegs.com) is the Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy Step-By-Step Videobook. The videobook shows the reader, in both book and video form, how to build a street or racing small-block. Rebuilding the Small-Block Chevy Step-by-Step Videobook is a step-by-step workbench book and DVD combination that shows you how to build a street or racing small-block Chevy in your own garage. The book includes over 600 photos and easy-to-read text that explains every procedure that a professional builder uses to assemble an engine from crankshaft to carburetor. The DVD includes over two hours of coverage, showing all the procedures that the book describes. Detailed sections show you how to disassemble a used engine, inspect for signs of damage, choose replacement parts, buy machine work, check critical component fit, and much more.

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Standard Abrasive
Standard Abrasives (4201 Guardian St, Dept. SC, Simi Valley, CA 93063, 800/423-5444, www.standardabrasives.com) Engine Valley Trays keep gasket debris from entering the engine when cleaning off the old intake gaskets of your heads. Each kit includes a custom fit, reusable Valley Tray, eight foam intake port plugs, a gasket removal disc, and a holder pad with 1/4-inch diameter mandrel for your drill or air-powered die grinder.

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The Sunpro (15825 Industrial Pkwy., Dept. SC, Cleveland, OH 44135, 216/898-9200, www.sunpro.com) Compression Tester kits feature a full 2 1/2-inch diameter gauge with an easy-to-read face with U.S. and metric scales, a 14-inch flexible oil and grease-resistant hose with 14 and 18mm ends that fit most spark plug holes. The kit also includes an external pressure relief valve. The kit helps the user to detect worn-out rings, burnt valves, and blown head gaskets.




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