1982 Camaro Steering Box - Steered Light

Lighten Your Front End While You Make It Easy To Steer

Mike Petralia Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0402_01_z 1982_camaro_steering_box Jacked_up 2/23

With the Camaro safely up on jack stands, the crew at Hollywood Hot Rods tackled the steering box installation in about 4 hours.

In most forms of motorsports, light equals might. Anytime you can lighten up your car it will usually result in lower elapsed times and/or quicker lap times. Steering components, due to the roll they the play in the overall safety of you car, were typically taboo when it came to reducing weight. Sure you could spend tons of dollars and have a rack-and-pinion setup welded in to save a few pounds. And of course there's always been the manual steering route, which entailed going to the scrap yard, finding a steering box that was in good shape and would fit your car, then yanking it out and hauling it home. Those boxes were usually grimy and still pretty heavy. So what's a guy on a budget supposed to do?

The new and affordable answer is to install a new box and steering shaft like the one we got from Flaming River. The advantages of a new versus old steering box are clear. The new box is going to be safer, without a doubt, and it'll come to your door clean and ready to bolt in. The steering shaft is also safer than reusing your old shaft and it will firm up the steering response of your old ride, too.

We thought so well about this idea that we got our hands on a solid '82 Camaro and went about swapping out the old power box for the lighter Flaming River unit. The whole installation took the experienced crew at Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbank, California, about 4 hours and the only trick tools required were a Pitman arm puller and a chop saw, (a hack saw would have worked just as well, but no doubt taken longer). After the installation was complete, this F-body racer not only was lighter by about 25 pounds, it was so much easier to steer, even grandma could drive it now


Hollywood Hot Rods
Burbank, CA 91502
Flaming River
Berea, OH 44017
Grant Products
Duarte, CA 91010
VHT (PJH Brands)
Scottsdale, AZ 85258-3328




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