2003 Chevy Corvette - Cutting Edge Technology

A Look At The Corvette's Award-Winning Suspension Advancement

Hib Halverson Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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MagnaShock 1 costs about $800 per wheel and MagnaShock 2 is $1500 a wheel. While that's in an acceptable price range for late model stock cars and SCCA GT-class road racers and is actually less expensive than some of the high-end, hydraulic shocks on the market; it's a bit pricey for a street application. Nevertheless, Anderson told us that, the week before we interviewed him, Carrera shipped a MagnaShock system to a customer in California who is building a street-driven, road-race-style, Fourth-Gen Camaro. Obviously, the advantage in MagnaShock to a car like that is the quick adjustability from damping for a nice ride to damping with aggressive wheel control. For more information on MagnaShock contact, Carrera Racing Shocks, 5412 New Peachtree Rd., Dept. SC, Atlanta, GA 30341, (770)451-8813, www.carrerashocks.com

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Looking for more examples of potential street applications, we asked Anderson if it would be possible to install a MagnaShock system on the author's '65 Malibu. He said it could be done with some modification to the front, upper shock mounts. Adapting a MagnaShock system for street use on a musclecar-era Chevrolet is an interesting idea and perhaps something we'll pursue in the future.


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