1968 Wagon Chevelle - Wagon's Whoa!

More Brake For The Grocery Go-Getter

Randy Fish Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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A while back, John Barkley, our enthusiastic ad sales director (and former NHRA national event-winning Stock Eliminator racer) came across an interesting find. He wheeled and dealed and purchased a sano '68 Chevelle station wagon, complete with V-8 power, factory air, and a host of other goodies. Not content to leave well enough alone, "Big John" started twirling the wrenches in his home garage, and soon, the large white barge was beginning to take shape-or should we say, attain a higher level of cool.

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Though it already had an OE-style front disc brake set-up with 11-inch rotors, John was looking for even better stopping power for the lumbering large one. After some careful research, he settled on a complete bolt-on kit from Master Power Brakes (PN DB1741), featuring 12-inch drilled and slotted rotors with dual-piston calipers, tailored for '64-72 mid-size GM cars. While some may think that one more inch of rotor diameter doesn't sound like much, chew on this-the additional rotor surface helps in two areas: clamping and cooling. By switching from a single-piston caliper to this dual-piston piece, we're increasing the overall clamping force of the system, and the added surface area (along with the slots 'n holes) helps dissipate heat. Plus, bigger rotors lend some cosmetic appeal when using larger diameter wheels.

Along with the 12-inch rotors, the package comes complete with a 9-inch, dual-diaphragm power booster and new master cylinder (installed previously by John), a combination valve, spindles, caliper brackets, calipers and pads, rotors, splash shields, bearings, seals, dust caps, and brake hoses.

For the installation, we took advantage of Primedia's Tech Center. Once the large barge was at the top of our Autolifters hoist, the changeover went very smoothly. So, if you and your '64-72 mid-size GM are pondering the difference between stopping well and stopping really well, please read on.


Master Power Brakes
Mooresville, NC 28117




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