1965 Chevy Nova Four Door - Nova Tech Talk

Joe Grom. Jr Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

What did we drive on the tour? A 28,000 original mile '65 Nova four-door. You see, I wanted to be different by piloting a pure sleeper with "two doors too many." This little Deuce had a GM crate ZZ5 385 "fast-burn" 350, with a cam kit which boosted power to 450 hp. A 700R4 trans got the power to the pavement. One great statistic is that we averaged 16 mpg on the entire trip, which I thought was pretty darn good! Other goodies included four-wheel disc brakes, frame connectors, 3:73 12 bolt. My son asked me if I had A/C for the trip and I could not resist telling him I had the 2/70 version: 2 windows down at 70 mph!

Well I hope you weren't disappointed that I did not have an in-depth tech article for you this month, but what I experienced was a great climax to making all of those tech decisions work. The bottom line to this adventure was having fun driving your musclecar. You should experience this tour at least once in your lifetime! -Joe

To contact the author,please call or write him at Chevy 2 Only P.O. Box 985, Dept. SC Mt. Washington, KY 40047 (502) 239-8487


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