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Mac Tools - July 2002 Cool Tools

Figuring Out The Basic Tools You Absolutely Need

Wayne Scraba Jul 1, 2002
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Once you have the cool tools, how about investing in a quality rolling cabinet such as this Mac Tools MB1000 "Tech Series." The drawers are full-depth, they operate on heavy-duty slides, and the drawers have up to a 250-pound capacity. It rolls easily on 6-inch casters.

Forget cars and parts. The real issue when it comes to building a Chevy boils down to tools. Without tools, you can't assemble, build, repair, or tune a car.

Okay, so you need tools. Where do you begin? It's easy to go flying head-first into a Chevy project and find yourself short of appropriate tools. Two things usually happen: You either misuse the wrong tool for the job, or you go out to the local auto parts store and buy whatever is on sale. If you misuse the tool, you can break parts of your car or the tool. And if you buy whatever is on sale, you may live to regret it.

The reality is we're envious of those people who stayed on track when it came to acquiring tools. Those folks watched what the professional mechanics used and how they bought tools. Instead of running helter-skelter, they'd wait until something like the big yellow-and-white Mac Tools truck arrived at their doorstep. Then, with the assistance (often considerable) of the tool distributor, they'd slowly but methodically build their collection. Over time, their tool collections became more and more complete. All of the tools had the same high quality. None were obsolete. There were no warranty issues. And there were little or no mismatched tools in the set. When the costs were amortized over several years, the good, professional-quality tools (which initially appear cost-prohibitive) began to look downright inexpensive. In simple terms, everything becomes correct, organized, and professional. And those tools will last a lifetime.

Begin with a small but comprehensive professional-quality tool set and build from that point. Eventually, you'll amass a tool collection that will allow you to repair or modify almost anything. Case-in-point is the Mac Tools Automotive Service Set (PN MS500) shown in the accompanying photos. It's filled with tools, and all are appropriate for a well-equipped Chevy hobby shop. Check out the following: You just might find that assembling a high-quality tool collection is the most important step in building and working on the Chevrolet that's the love of your life.


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