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Jason Walker Nov 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0111_07_z Holley_blower_carburetors Jet_extensions 2/14

Here are what jet extensions look like. These are simply used to make sure no matter where the fuel goes in the bowl, the jets will still be able to pick some up. Under severe acceleration the fuel obviously moves to the back of the bowl, thus they are only needed in the rear.

These holes are the emulsion circuit, or air bleeds. This is a very important adjustment because the air bleeds control how much air is mixed with fuel to emulsify or lighten the fuel to achieve the necessary air/fuel balance. The emulsion well holes also control how much and when the boost starts.

The Idle Fuel Restrictor controls the amount of fuel being delivered at idle. With a blower's needing more fuel, even at idle, this becomes a necessary adjustment. All of these changes are strictly done with a set amount depending on horsepower, size of blower, and carbs, in addition to about another half-dozen factors.

The Carb Shop builds its own annular boosters out of solid aluminum billet. The one on the left is the Super and the other is the Super Pro Billet Booster. These can be drilled to work with any application and have been used extremely well on the dyno and at the track. Since the booster controls the type of fuel spray, it can be necessary to alter them for any number of factors.

Sucp_0111_13_z Holley_blower_carburetors Swedged_back 6/14

After the booster is pressed into its housing, it will need to be swedged back into the carb with this special tool.

With the boosters in place, both sides of the carb body are milled perfectly flat for a precise sealing surface. After this was done, the next step was to clean the edges of all holes with a countersink bit.

With all of the blower modifications complete, the carb can be reassembled. The Carb Shop installs only reusable gaskets. These carbs may need to be further adjusted internally to gain even more efficiency and power.

Here is The Carb Shop's finishing touch on a blower-ready carb. The next step will be to test it on the dyno and if everything is in order, ship to the waiting customer.




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