Demon Carburetor - The Demon Within

This Line Of Fuel Meters Helps Brings Out The Beast In Performance

Mike Petralia May 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

If you're going to upgrade your carburetor, you should seriously consider upgrading what feeds it as well. This is the BG 220HR fuel pump and bypass regulator that's designed to flow 220 gph continuous on the street. It would also make a great street/strip fuel supply and we know of at least one 10-second car running this as its sole pump.

Carburetor modifiers like Barry Grant used to get lots of money for installing modified boosters in carbs. Now the tuner can swap boosters in minutes on all RS Demon carbs. Annular, dogleg, and straight boosters are all available. The annular discharge booster shown here pulls a strong signal and can make great power when combined with the black or silver venturi sleeves. It's too big to use with any of the smaller sleeves.

1.Accelerator pump fuel discharge
2.Power valve channel restriction (PVCR)
3.Idle fuel enters here (from main jet)
4.Idle fuel travels up idle well here
5.Emulsion hole #5
6.Emulsion hole #4 (not present or may be plugged in other carbs)
7.Emulsion hole #3
8.Emulsion hole #2 (not present or may be plugged in other carbs)
9.Emulsion hole #1
10.Siphon break keeps boosters from flowing fuel at idle
11.Bowl vent
12.High speed bleed air enters here
13.To booster venturi
14.Idle fuel mixes here with air entering from No. 15 (replaceable jet pictured here in RS models only)
15.Air from idle bleed enters here
16.Emulsified idle air and fuel go to idle mixture screw here
17.Tip of idle mixture screw is visible in this hole (fuel goes to idle discharge slotin base plate from here)


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