Nova Convertible Top - Raising The Roof

Convertible Top Installation Made Easier With New Parts From Year One

Terry Cole Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0102_51_z Raising_the_roof Rub_strip 2/48

To finish off the top install, a thin rub strip is attached on the outside across the rear-most bow. This specifically made piece is designed to be stapled into the bow's tack strip and then folded over to form an edge to seal the top to the bow and prevent it from tearing away at the staples when lowered and while driving. To accurately center the strip, Wanda measured each side.

Then it is folded over. A metal wire strip under the vinyl allows the strip to maintain its shape after being folded in place.

Sucp_0102_59_z Raising_the_roof Install_complete 3/48

Finishing off the rub strip are stainless steel ends. They simply screw into the tack strip and offer a nice aesthetic touch, while also serving to keep the ends from separating apart.

Sucp_0102_55_z Raising_the_roof Stainless_steel_ends 4/48

After six hours of meticulous installation, this little drop-top was reloaded onto the H&H trailer looks. We think you'll agree that it looks like a million bucks. The next step for this Nova's owner is to install a complementary white interior, which we might add, was also sewn up at Wanda's Upholstery.


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