High-Tech Wiring - Modern Overhaul, Part III

Finishing up the high-tech wiring in Project Snowball

John Ulaszek Dec 13, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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In the last installment of Project Snowball we introduced the ISIS Intelligent Multi-Plexing system and discussed how it would modernize our third-gen Firebird with capabilities taken for granted in late model cars, such as push button start, and other less obvious benefits like soft start of high current loads (like on cooling fans). Since we've already taken a no compromise approach to the Formula's interior by cutting the floor for optimum driver position, and a Vintage Air Gen IV for cooling, we wanted to wrap up by installing the entire ISIS system under the Firebird's dash. While it's not uncommon to see a Vintage Air packaged with an ISIS system on a car getting the full Pro-Touring or G-Machine treatment by a shop like Detroit Speed or Ring Brothers, third-gens present a bit more of a challenge than a '69 Camaro because it's relatively low roofline results in a lower cowl and consequently a bit less space to work with. We could have made the ISIS install absurdly easy by mounting all the cells in the rear cargo area and running everything to the front--while certainly an easy way out and still not a bad option, it negates the inherent benefit of the ISIS's decentralized power distribution method, a compromise we weren't interested in. In the end we succeeded with our no compromise approach packaging all but the rear cell under the dash. We understand this is not for everyone but there's no reason a third-gen shouldn't get the same attention a first-gen does.


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