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Like the title of this rag says, "We're all about performance around here." But there isn't a written rule that states you can't look good while hauling ass. After all, it's always more fun to whoop on someone at the track and then repeat the process at the car show.

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Part of making your Camaro stand out from the crowd is having a few parts that look custom. Back in the day only the street rodders got sweet billet parts to festoon their cars with. But now, in 2010, it's our turn. Companies have caught on to the fact that we're willing to separate cash from our wallets for just the right part to zip up the appearance of our Camaros. We remember back when the first true Camaro-specific billet item hit the market-hood hinges from Ringbrothers. Their great looks and buttery-smooth operation were a hit and, even though they were expensive, it wasn't long before every top car had them residing under the hood.

Since then a slew of companies have jumped on the billet bandwagon and now there's more ways than ever to give your ride a little style to go along with the asphalt-shredding performance.

But what is "billet" really? According to Mr. Webster it can be a chunk of wood or, in our case, a bar of metal. The term itself doesn't denote the quality of metal used so, when shopping about, it's important to check out what the company is using. After all, who cares if the widget you're lusting after carries the "billet" moniker if it was whittled out of a solid chunk of inferior metal.

Since there are so many companies making so many cool items for our cars, we thought it would be handy to herd them all into one pen so you could see what's out there. Some of the companies make dozens of items while others only make only one or two. Check out their websites and we're sure you will find that whizbang shiny bauble that you've been looking for to make your Camaro look even hotter.




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