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Billet Guide - Heavy Metal

Here's The Industry's Top Billet Companies In One Handy Guide

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Like the title of this rag says, "We're all about performance around here." But there isn't a written rule that states you can't look good while hauling ass. After all, it's always more fun to whoop on someone at the track and then repeat the process at the car show.

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Part of making your Camaro stand out from the crowd is having a few parts that look custom. Back in the day only the street rodders got sweet billet parts to festoon their cars with. But now, in 2010, it's our turn. Companies have caught on to the fact that we're willing to separate cash from our wallets for just the right part to zip up the appearance of our Camaros. We remember back when the first true Camaro-specific billet item hit the market-hood hinges from Ringbrothers. Their great looks and buttery-smooth operation were a hit and, even though they were expensive, it wasn't long before every top car had them residing under the hood.

Since then a slew of companies have jumped on the billet bandwagon and now there's more ways than ever to give your ride a little style to go along with the asphalt-shredding performance.

But what is "billet" really? According to Mr. Webster it can be a chunk of wood or, in our case, a bar of metal. The term itself doesn't denote the quality of metal used so, when shopping about, it's important to check out what the company is using. After all, who cares if the widget you're lusting after carries the "billet" moniker if it was whittled out of a solid chunk of inferior metal.

Since there are so many companies making so many cool items for our cars, we thought it would be handy to herd them all into one pen so you could see what's out there. Some of the companies make dozens of items while others only make only one or two. Check out their websites and we're sure you will find that whizbang shiny bauble that you've been looking for to make your Camaro look even hotter.

Eddie Motorsports
Eddie Motorsports has been around since 1994, but recently they've really expanded their line of billet widgets for Camaros. Most notable are their affordable billet hinges, but they offera wide array of parts to help your Camaro stand out from the crowd.

Products offered: hinges, jamb vents, SS hood vents, battery hold-downs, extinguisher mounts, washers
Finishes: natural, polished, anodized, various powder finishes

Eddie Motorsports

Precision Coachworks/RideTech
We all know of RideTech for their killer air suspension products, but they also have some sweet billet goodies. Their big seller is the gas cap deal, but we really dig their line of billet knobs and other parts originally designed for their '68 Velocity Camaro project.

Products offered: gas caps, knobs, fender braces, fender bolts, door lock pulls
Finishes: natural and black

Precision Coachworks/RideTech

Hotchkis Performance
While more into suspension parts than billet bling, Hotchkis Performance does have a couple of parts to make your Camaro look a bit better. Their hood pins are a huge upgrade over the "el cheapo" chrome-plated offerings of the past and their nickel-plated fender braces can dress up any engine bay.

Camp_1005_06_o Camaro_billet_parts 7/32

Products offered: hood pins, fender braces
Finishes: hard anodized, polished nickel

Hotchkis Performance

Marquez Design
The only thing Marquez Design likes better than building cool cars is coming up with killer billet parts. They were the first on the market with billet taillight housings and offer a variety of styles and finishes. In addition, they also offer interior and exterior billet items that can really help dress up your Camaro.

Products offered: Taillight housings, jamb vents, badges, hood adjusters, trunk hinges, door strikers, side marker bezels, indicator lights, gas caps
Finishes: polished, black, natural

Marquez Designv 916.373.9783

Anvil Auto
Their main business is churning out cool carbon-fiber body panels, but they've recently started expanding into the billet accessory arena. Most notable is their new line of SS emblems for the '10 Camaro that makes it easy to ditch the big gold Bow Ties GM insists on putting on these cars. They also offer hood pins to fit any ride.

Products offered: '10 Camaro emblems, gill accents, hood pins
Finishes: black, painted, polished

Anvil Auto

Go-fast mega house Jegs is known for selling performance parts to make your Camaro faster, but if you dig around their site you'll also find some billet parts that look as good as they function.

Products offered: battery hold-downs, cutoff switches
Finishes: polished, black, natural


You don't have to be a huge company to turn out cool billet parts. Rick Klein decided to take his love of hot rodding and his fabrication skills to start up a company making sweet replacement hood latches. The latch housings are cast from A356-T6 aluminum and feature stainless steel hardware and hood pin.

Camp_1005_13_o Camaro_billet_parts 14/32

Products offered: hood latches (of course)
Finishes: polished, natural, black anodized


JCG Restoration and Customs
Cris Gonzales is a car builder at heart who loves to sprinkle one-off billet widgets all around the cars he builds. After a while he started to get so many requests for originally one-off parts on his projects that he decided to ramp up production and offer them for sale.

Products offered: brake line clams, hood latches, coil pack brackets, steering column supports, exhaust hangers, cage nut covers
Finishes: natural, black anodized

JCG Restoration and Customs

Lokar Performance Products
Another street rod company that's expanding into the muscle car market is Lokar. They make a ton of cool functional billet parts, like mechanical linkage and dipsticks, but they also offer parts that will make your Camaro look better.

Camp_1005_16_o Camaro_billet_parts 17/32

Products offered: door handles, window cranks, pedal covers
Finishes: black anodized, natural, polished

Lokar Performance Products

Clayton Machine Works
Clay Johnson has long been known for badass billet street rod parts, but now he's turned his attention to the muscle car market. Their new pedal assemblies are machined from forged aluminum and are a direct bolt-in part. They are available for automatic, manual and even throttle-by-wire applications.

Camp_1005_17_o Camaro_billet_parts 18/32

Products offered: pedal assemblies, door handles, window cranks
Finishes: hard anodized, natural, polished

Clayton Machine Works

UPR Products
Why should classic Camaros get all the love? That's what UPR Products thought, so they started churning out really cool dress-up items for the new fifth-gen Camaro. Considering the new Camaro hasn't been out that long, UPR offers a dizzying array of billet dress-up items.

Products offered: interior trim, exterior trim, gas cap covers, engine bay trim, emblems, battery hold-downs
Finishes: polished, natural

UPR Products

Fesler Built
From hinges to door vents, Fesler Built offers billet parts for just about every area of your Camaro. They also offer a myriad of finishes to help you get just the right look you're going for.

Products offered: hinges, fender braces, jamb vents, door strikers, RS doors, side marker bezels, emblems, taillight housings
Finishes: natural, brushed, black anodized, polished

Fesler Built

Modo Innovations
Modo Innovations make a few specialty items, like their electric trunk release, which we really dig, but they also offer a few milled items to dress up your Camaro. Their billet pedal covers install in a snap and, in addition to looking great, they also provide improved grip. They even offer gas pedals that make heel/toe downshifting a bit easier.

Camp_1005_22_o Camaro_billet_parts 23/32

Products offered: pedal covers
Finishes: natural, black anodized

Modo Innovations

Detroit Speed Inc.
While certainly more well known for their killer suspension systems and the on-track thrashing they do in their Camaros, Detroit Speed also offers a few cool billet parts in their catalog. Some are functional like their hood hinges and fender braces, while others, like their shift knobs, just look good.

Products offered: hood latch pin and collar, hood hinges, fender braces, shift knobs, battery mount, dash knobs
Finishes: natural, black anodized

Detroit Speed Inc.

Jim and Mike Ring build killer cars and have managed to win the Goodguys' "Street Machine of the Year" twice. Part of their winning formula is the judicious use of cool billet parts. A side benefit is that some of these parts are available for sale.

Products offered: hinges, hood pins, door handles, clutch reservoirs, headlight trim rings, bolt kits, gauge bezels, hood adjusters, door strikers
Finishes: natural, black or gray anodized, polished


Wilson Muscle Cars
Wilson Muscle Cars specialized in hood pins, but these aren't your typical flat pieces of Chinese-made chromed steel. These beauties are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and feature rust-free stainless pins. They offer both traditional and locking versions as well as a new pop-up model. Staying safe and looking good is a win-win in our book.

Camp_1005_26_o Camaro_billet_parts 28/32

Finishes: natural, black anodized, polished

Wilson Muscle Cars

SS Inserts
Thanks to companies like SS Inserts you can give your new fifth-gen Camaro the same billet treatment that the old-school Camaros get. They have an extensive line of milled billet and laser cut stainless parts for the interior, exterior, and engine bay of your '10. If you can't find something for your ride at their website then you're just not into billet dress-up items.

Finishes: natural, polished

SS Inserts

Billet Specialties
As the name implies, this company specializes in all things billet. Long a staple of the street rod scene, they're now making cool stuff for our beloved Camaros. Besides a plethora of dress-up items, they now offer super-cool and easy-to-install 6061-T6 pedal pads.

Products offered: door handles, window cranks, license plate frames, wipers, battery hold-downs, steering wheels, pedals, knobs, door lock pulls
Finishes: polished, black, natural

Billet Specialties



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